Q&A with Pasquale Noce '21

August 31, 2021
Students in front of the library on the Pace Pleasantville Campus

What is it about your major that interests you?

Pasquale Noce

I chose to major in Digital Cinema and Filmmaking because the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts department and community provided a cohesive, supportive environment for me. I also find fulfillment in creating media and enjoy the type of career opportunities this major offers.

What have your experiences been like with the Department of Media, Communications, and Visual Arts? Have certain faculty members been instrumental in your academic journey?

The staff and faculty within the department are all genuine and encouraging. The lab manager, Chris Lengers, is so kind and capable. Professor Lou Guarneri offers unique, hands-on class experiences and is down to earth. Dr. Paul Ziek is extremely dedicated and passionate about improving the department. There are many other people in the department who are inspiring and supportive.

What internships have you done while a student at Pace?

I had an internship at Pleasantville Community Television through which I assisted the Station Manager, by editing portions of shows to be broadcast on the local TV channel.

The Media, Communications, and Visual Arts department and community provided a cohesive, supportive environment for me.

What other activities have you been involved with as a student?

I thoroughly enjoy being president of Pace Book Club. I hold and lead weekly discussion meetings, plan upcoming events, and get to participate in this wonderful, unique community. The board members are all leaders who help make the club as great as it is. I am also treasurer for WPAW, where I work with the president to create budgets for upcoming events. Further, I am a writer for the Pace Chronicle, and as part of being a part of the Honors College, have mentored two first-year students.

What would you like to do upon graduation/what are your career goals?

After graduation, I'd like to find a steady job, possibly involved in post-production in the broadcasting industry. My career goals are to make a good salary and love what I do.

What advice, if any, would you like to give to our current students?

For current students, I advise them to find a club or community that makes them feel like they belong. Life is made better with interpersonal connections. I owe everything I have to Book Club.