Writing Scripts that Solve Business Problems

February 2, 2017
Choenyi Gangshar

Choenyi Gangshar

Data and AI Consultant, Accenture

Class of 2017
BBA in Finance / Information Systems (double major)

Member Of: Business Honors Program, Beta Alpha Psi, Lambda Sigma, PwC Case Competition Winner

Where are you interning this summer?

I'm interning at New York Life (NYL) in their Insurance Technology Department.

What have you been working on at your internship? Has it sparked an interest in a career/area of study you hadn't already thought about?

During this internship I have been mainly working with a large database, which can be thought of more as a data warehouse. In general, I strategize plans to solve a real time problem, write scripts (SQL, Linux) that will fix the problem, test it out in model, and push it in production. These problems can morph into monsters — which is not always fun, since it leads to more research and strategizing (and caffeine!). However, when I do find the solution it makes my day. There is nothing better than my manager saying that he is proud of my work! I do not know if the work I'm doing in this internship has sparked an interest in a career I hadnt thought of previously, but I did realize that I'm interested in something new, which is problem solving.

My manager is the best thing about my internship. He told me that he will definitely be teaching me during the summer, but in return I would have to teach him, as well. True to it, everyday has been a learning, exploring, productive, and unbelievably fun experience.

Do you believe your internship experience has helped to prepare you for your future?

My internship at New York Life has not only helped me narrow my career choices, but has also made me a stronger candidate for the field I want to work in. Working at NYL has given me the opportunity to interact with executives in different departments, from Investment to Legal. When I hear the role the executive plays, I ask myself if I can envision being in that role. When the answer is yes, I get closer to my career choice. I was also able to explore different office locations, which showed me how a company's culture can differ based on location and also how some fundamentals stay the same everywhere. I was able to see what environment I thrived in, and questioned myself why I like one better than the other. Also, the technical and analytical skills I developed and improved during this internship will always be in my benefit no matter what career path I choose.

Any advice for other Lubin students looking for internships?

My advice would be to have a game plan so you know if you are straying from the goal — and your game plan can be whatever you want it to be. Mine was to narrow down on careers and then narrow down on companies, so that before I graduate, I would have interned in my dream company at least once. This would help when I interview for the company for a full time position. My other advice is to get to know the manager before you accept the internship. During an internship, managers usually assign projects, so I chose to work for someone who will keep me busy with real work and from whom I can learn and grow. New York City houses the most successful companies of all sizes and industries, so go all out! Also, before you choose to do an unpaid internship, do some online research about what law makers think about unpaid internships.