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Aron Gottesman

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Aron Gottesman

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Aron Gottesman is Professor of Finance and the Chair of the Department of Finance and Economics at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. He hold a Ph.D. in Finance, an MBA in Finance, and a BA in Psychology, all from York University. He has published more than 30 academic articles and books, including publications in the Journal of Financial Intermediation, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, and the Journal of Financial Markets, among others. His research has also been cited in newspapers and popular magazines. In 2017, Gottesman authored a book titled Understanding Systemic Risk in Global Financial Markets (Wiley Finance), coauthored with the DTCC’s Michael Leibrock. In 2016, Gottesman authored a book titled Derivatives Essentials: An Introduction to Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps (Wiley Finance), based on the popular course that he teaches at Pace University. Aron Gottesman received Pace University’s Kennan Award for Teaching Excellence in 2017. Gottesman teaches undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses on financial markets, derivative securities, and asset management. His approach to teaching is to show students that while quantitative skills are important, success in finance is fundamentally driven by one’s ability to comprehend, reason, and communicate. He strives to give each student a sense of “ownership” of every topic that he teaches, as well as the tools that they require to succeed during their professional careers.


PhD, York University, Toronto, Ontario

MBA, York University, Toronto, Ontario

BA, York University, Toronto, Ontario

Publications and Presentations


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