Dana Cadman

Dana Cadman

Clinical Assistant Professor
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Writing and Cultural Studies

Dana Cadman



Faculty Bio

Dana Jaye Cadman, Lecturer, Director of Creative Writing Pleasantville, and Faculty Advisor for student literary and arts magazine Chroma, holds an MFA in Poetry from Rutgers University Newark. Her creative work has been published in Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day, New England Review, PRISM International, The Moth, The Literary Review, Atlanta Review, and Raleigh Review, among others. Her featured performances include New York Shakespeare Convention, North American Bicentennial Conference, and Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival. Her manuscript ARMAMENTS was a finalist in the 2021 Jake Adam York Prize, Hollis Summers Poetry Prize, and Georgia Poetry Prize, and longlisted for the Metatron Prize for Rising Authors. Her visual art is featured in the upcoming opera Sensorium Ex to debut at Atlanta Opera in 2024.

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest


“Ghosts” Academy of American Poets (poets.org) Poem-A-Day. March 2022.
“Chambers” PRISM International. Summer 2020.
“Clarissa’s Window” Raleigh Review. 2020.
“Poppies” New England Review. Volume 40, Number 4. 2019.
“Roads” New England Review. Volume 40, Number 4. 2019.
“Gifts” Pedestal Magazine. 19 year Anniversary Issue. Issue 85. Winter 2019.
“Corpse” Atlanta Review. Volume XXVI. Issue Number 1. Fall/Winter 2019.
“@danajaye” The Literary Review. TLR: Chemistry. Vol.61 Issue 01. Winter 2018.
“Sadness in Seattle” 90s Meg Ryan. The Decision to Karaoke. August 2014.
“#myfeelings” Hyland Magazine. Edition 15. August 2013.
“Wrapping Paper” North American Review. Vol. 297, No. 4. Fall 2012.

Atlanta Review International Poetry Prize Finalist (2019);
Longlisted Metatron Prize for Rising Authors for ARMAMENTS (2021);
Finalist Hollis Summers Poetry Prize for ARMAMENTS (2021);
Finalist Jake Adam York Prize for ARMAMENTS (2021);
Finalist Georgia Poetry Prize for ARMAMENTS (2021).


Multimedia Artist – Sensorium Ex

Commissioned by Vision Into Art for the upcoming opera Sensorium Ex. Atlanta Opera 2024.


Book & Performance Completion Award, Office of Research Pace University. 2020.

Scholarly Research Award for Cultural Rhetoric & Writing in Multimodal Spaces, Office of Research Pace University. 2020.

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)
“Dismantling Architectures of Power: On Collaboration and Implementation in Labor and Assessment Schemas.” 2022.

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)
“Making Tangible Institutional Abstractions: Co-Creating Labor-Based Departmental Grading Policies Across Teaching Lines.” 2021.

Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference
“Transient Bodies and Invisible Status: Scaling Labor-Based Grading Practices to Establish Departmental Equity Across Teaching Tracks.” 2021.

SUNY Council on Writing “The Art of Administration: Toward Collaborative, Departmental-Wide Labor-Based Grading Contracts.” 2019.

Arts & Writing Administration

Co-founder Circusbook.org 2008
Co-founder & Host Banquet Reading Series 2013 – 2015
Guest Editor Shrew Literary Magazine December 2019
Virtual Creative Arts Festival, Organizer & Director, May 2020
SCREENSAVER Virtual Poetry Festival, Organizer & Director, October 2020
Editor-in-Chief Shrew Literary Magazine November 2019 – Present.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

ENG 105: Composition & Rhetoric I (CAP)
ENG 110: Composition
ENG 110: Composition - (CAP)
ENG 120: Critical Writing
ENG 120: Critical Writing - CAP
ENG 201: Writing in the Disciplines
ENG 223: Creative Writing
ENG 223: Creative Writing: Drama
ENG 309: Creative Nonfiction
ENG 312: Workshop in Poetry Writing
ENG 322: Topic: Hybrid Forms
ENG 326: Topic: Art of Content Creation
ENG 326: Topic: Avtrs, Idntty, & Intrnt
ENG 391: Adv Writing Wrkshp: Poetry
ENG 392: Seminar in Poetry Writing