Erica Johnson

Erica Johnson

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
English - NYC

Erica Johnson



Faculty Bio

Erica Johnson teaches courses on contemporary comparative literature. Her research focuses on Caribbean literature and cultural memory studies.


PhD, University of California, Davis, 2000
Comparative Literature

MA, University of Washington, 1994
Comparative Literature

BA, Carleton College, 1992

Courses Taught

Past Courses

ENG 120: Critical Writing
ENG 393: Internship
LIT 205: Intro to Lit, Culture & Media
LIT 211: Early World Literature
LIT 211: The Individual and Society
LIT 296: Topics: Clmt Chng, Lit, & Vlnc
LIT 304: Postcolonial Literature
LIT 313: Stds in the Novel: 21st Cntry
LIT 319: Intro to Literary Studies
LIT 373: Modernism
LIT 387: Comparative Literature
LIT 387: Open Seminar
LIT 395: Independent Study-Literature
LIT 396: Topic: Postcolonial Lit
WS 271: Women in Jeopardy

Publications and Presentations


Cultural Memory, Memorials, and Reparative Writing
Johnson, E. L. (2018, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Cultural Memory, Memorials, and Reparative Writing.New York and London , US and UK : Palgrave MacMillan.