Ipshita Ray

Ipshita Ray

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Chair
Lubin School of Business
One Pace Plaza



Dr. Ipshita Ray is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Program Chair at the Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New York. Her research interests include customer decision-making processes, customer relationship management, online versus offline shopping behaviors, brand evangelism, self identity algorithms and social communities. She has published in journals such as the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Communications, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of International Management Studies, and Journal of Academic and Business Ethics among others. Dr. Ray has been a reviewer for several journals including the Journal of Strategic Marketing, Atlantic Marketing Journal and the Journal of Marketing Communications. She has chaired sessions at the Academy of Business Research in 2016 and 2017. She is member of the American Marketing Association, Association of Consumer Research, Academy of Marketing Science and Academy of Business Research. Dr. Ray has presented in international and national conferences including the International Society for Research in Emotions, Academy of Marketing Sciences, American Marketing Association, Academy of Business Research, and Atlantic Marketing Association among others. Since joining Pace University in 2005, Dr. Ray has been a faculty advisor to several student organizations including the Lubin Graduate Marketing Association and Advertising Club. Her teaching portfolio includes graduate and doctoral courses in business research methodology, consumer behavior, strategic marketing planning, new product development, digital marketing, international marketing and marketing management. At the undergraduate level she has taught marketing research, new product development, principles of marketing and media planning and buying. Dr. Ray has incorporated marketing and digital analytics tools and methodology in all her courses since 2015. Skills frequently taught in her classes include coding, data mining, data visualization, descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics. She uses in-demand tools such as Google Analytics, Tableau, Python, SPSS, AMOS, Simmons, MRI, Nielsen @Plan and many others in a variety of her classes. Since 2013 Dr. Ray has built successful ongoing partnerships between Pace University and companies such as Publicis, GroupM and IBM, directing data analytics competitions every year. Over 24 students have received offers as a result of these collaborations including visa and Green Card sponsorships for several international students who have made highly successful career starts at these global conglomerates. Dr. Ray is dedicated to further strengthening the partnerships with Publicis, GroupM, and other giants in the industry with the creation of an analytics advisory council which will help support curriculum enhancement, professional development and analytics training for all Lubin students. Dr. Ray has guest lectured at the Wharton School of Business and University of Connecticut. Dr. Ray also has over 10 years of practitioner experience in marketing research and media planning with companies such as MMA/Carat, J.Walter Thompson, and Citibank. She was the Advertising Education Foundation’s 2008 National Award Recipient and worked with host advertising agency, DDB, Chicago on McDonald’s, Budweiser, Wrigley’s and State Farm accounts. In 2002 Dr. Ray was awarded the Outstanding Professor of the Year award at Fairfield University in Connecticut with an honorary induction to the National Honors Society for Adult Learners in Continuing Higher Education (Alpha Sigma Lambda). Dr. Ray is the recipient of the Kenan Excellence in Teaching award, 2018, which is the highest honor bestowed for exemplary teaching university wide, and for which she was honored during commencement at Radio City Music Hall on May 22, 2018.


PhD, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Marketing Communications

MA, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Marketing Communications

Publications and Presentations


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