Irina Gazaryan

Irina Gazaryan

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Chemistry and Physical Sciences

Courses Taught

Past Courses

BMB 711: Research II
CHE 111: General Chemistry I
CHE 112: General Chemistry II
CHE 113: Prin of Chem for the Hlth Prof
CHE 326: Biochemistry
CHE 328: Advanced Biochemistry
CHE 329: Adv Biochemistry Laboratory
CHE 480: Research in Chemistry

Publications and Presentations


Degradation kinetics of disulfide cross-linked microgels: Real-time monitoring by confocal microscopy
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Probable mechanisms of doxorubicin antitumor activity enhancement by Ginsenoside Rh2
(2022). Molecules. Vol 27 , pages 628.

Structure–activity relationships and transcriptomic analysis of hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors
(2022). Antioxidants. Vol 11 , pages 220.

HIF prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors for COVID-19 treatment: Pros and cons
(2021). Frontiers in Pharmacology. Vol 11 , pages 621054.

Zinc switch in pig heart lipoamide dehydrogenase: Steady-state and transient kinetic studies of the diaphorase reaction
(2020). Biochemistry (Moscow). Vol 85 (Issue 8) , pages 908-919.

Quantitative analysis of cell-based luciferase fusion reporters
(2019). Moscow Univ. Chem. Bull.. Vol 60 (Issue 4) , pages 240-247.


Lipobeads with degradable hydrogel core explode under presence of reducing agents: An approach to anticancer drug delivery
(2021, March). Pittsburg Conference (PITTCON 2021). ACS,