Jonathan Danziger

Clinical Assistant Professor
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Film and Screen Studies

Courses Taught

Past Courses

AMS 296: Entertaining America Children
AMS 296: Tpc: Postwar NY & Amrcn Empire
AMS 399: Seminar in American Studies
ENG 201: Writing in the Disciplines
ENG 223: Creative Writing:Film Scenario
ENG 317: Screenwriting
ENG 323: Advanced Screenwriting
ENG 326: TV Scriptwriting
ENG 395: Independent Study in English
ENG 396: Screenwriting
ENG 396: Topics: Advanced Screenwriting
FSS 215: Wrtng for the Screen: An Intro
FSS 250: Cinema Auteurs
FSS 260: Major Film Movements
FSS 280: History of Writing for Screen
FSS 296: Focus on Screenwriting
FSS 317: Fundamentals of Screenwriting
FSS 330: Writing for Television
FSS 386: Seminar on Film
FSS 395: Indpdnt Stdy in Flm & Scrn Std
LIT 348: Literature and Film