Jouahn Nam

Jouahn Nam

Associate Professor
Lubin School of Business
One Pace Plaza



Jouahn Nam, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Lubin School of Business. His research interests are corporate finance, financial markets, risk management, and quantitative investment analysis. His work has been published more than 21 articles in leading journals, including Journal of Finance; Financial Management; Journal of Corporate Finance; Journal of Financial Research; Journal of Risk and Insurance, etc. Dr. Nam has taught courses in introductory corporate finance, advanced corporate finance, real estate in finance, and data analysis in finance at both the undergraduate level and the master level. He teaches Doctoral corporate finance theory at Lubin, investment and portfolio management, mergers and acquisition, and real estate in finance in the Masters in Finance for Professionals (MFP). Dr. Nam was a recipient of The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Scholar in 2003 for a period of two years to conduct research on issues important to the exchange. At a time when executive pay packages seemed to be going through the roof, Dr. Nam conducted research in the area of corporate governance and executive compensation—specifically, what are the best compensation structures to provide the most incentives to managers to maximize stock value rather than maximize their own wealth. Dr. Nam has been a member of Eastern Finance Association, Financial Management Association, and Southern Finance Association.


BBA, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, South Korea

MS, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

PhD, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Publications and Presentations


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