Lawrence Hundersmarck

Lawrence Hundersmarck

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Choate House


BS, University of Scranton

MA, Providence College

MA, University of Dayton

PhD, Fordham University

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

History of Western Religious and Philosophical Thought

Courses Taught

Past Courses

INT 197: Rome: The Eternal City -Travel
MHC 725: Internship Sem: Agentic Cnslng
MM 802: Maintain Matriculation-Phd
PHI 110: Philosophical Problems
PHI 110: Philosophical Problems - LC
PHI 110: Philosophical Problems -LC
PHI 113: Ancient Philosophy
PHI 115: Nrmatve Ethics: Cntmpry Prblms
PHI 224: Medieval Philosophy
PHI 297: Western Thought I: The True
PHI 355: Ethical Theories
PHI 357: Philosophy of Religion
PHI 395: Independent Study-Philosophy
PHI 499: Sr Yr Exp in Phi & Rel Stds
PHIM 110: Philosophical Problems
PHIP 110: Philosophical Problems
RES 101: Intro to the Study of Religion
RES 106: Religions of the Globe
RES 201: Western Religious Thought
RES 202: Eastern Religious Thought
RES 231: The Bible: Hebrew Scriptures
RES 232: The Bible: Chrstn Scriptures
RES 242: The Divine Comedy of Dante
RES 244: The Gospels of The New Test
RES 296: Topic: Divine Comedy of Dante
RES 296: Topics in Religious Studies
RES 296: Tpc: Gosp of St. Lke & Act Apo
RES 296: TPC: Gpl, Ltr & Rev of St John
RES 296: Tpc: Gpl, Ltr & Rev of St John
RES 296: TPC: The Gospels of the NT
RES 395: Indpdnt Study in Rel Studies

Publications and Presentations


Nicholas of Cusa: Writing on Church and Reform
Hundersmarck, L. Vol Vol. XL, no. 4 (Issue 2009)

The Use of Imagination, Emotion and the Will in a Medieval Classic: The Meditaciones Vite Christi
Hundersmarck, L. Logos. (Issue 6.2 (Spring, 2003))