Lou Guarneri

Clinical Assistant Professor
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Media, Communications, and Visual Arts

Courses Taught

Past Courses

COM 200: Public Speaking
MCA 160: Digital Photography
MCA 252: Media Production I
MCA 255: Producing the Horror Film
MCA 276: Story Idea Development
MCA 352: Producing the Comedy
MCA 354: Producing Corporate Video
MCA 356: Digital Editing Wrkshp I-Intro
MCA 361: Cinematography One
MCA 362: Cinematography Two
MCA 363: The Art of the Moving Camera
MCA 383: Producing Online Digital Media
MCA 384: Producing the Music Video
MCA 393: Internship Program I
MCA 395: Independent Study in MCA
MCA 397: Topics: Audio Production
MCA 398: Adv Television & Online Media
MCA 398: Making Media with Drones
MCA 490: Lighting: The Craft of Cinema
MCA 498: Directing
MCA 693: Internship