Maria Luskay

Maria Luskay

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Media, Communications, and Visual Arts
Choate House
Willcox Hall


Faculty Bio

Writer/Producer/Director with 20+ years of experience in Industrial and Documentary Film Production.

Director of MA in MCA

Organize and direct yearly Connections in Communications event and all on-line social media tools on Facebook for BA and MA, LinkedIn, YouTube and Tumblr for MCA Dyson.

Designed Pace Channel on YouTube, Google Video, and Vimeo to highlight all student work.

Awards and Honors

  • 2015, • Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, August 2015, Curaçao’s Coral Challenge – Reviving the Rain Forests of the Sea
  • 2015, • Best Shorts Competition, July 2015, , Curaçao’s Coral Challenge – Reviving the Rain Forests of the Sea, Award of Merit, Documentary Short.
  • 2015, • Accolade Global Film Competition, June 2015, Curaçao’s Coral Challenge – Reviving the Rain Forests of the Sea, Award of Merit, Documentary Short.
  •  Accolade Global Film Competition, September 2014, 2014, Award of Merit
  • Blue Ocean Film Festival, 2014, Honorable Mention
  • 2013, 2013 44th annual MCA-I Media Festival – Bronze Reel – “The Battle Behind the Bottle”, A film on the Cork Question
  • 2013, Douro Film Festival , Portugal, 9/14- 9/21 for The Battle Behind The Bottle – accepted into festival and shown
  • 2013,  Village of Brewster Fim Festival, August 2013. “Viva la Tortutga
  •  Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, May 2013, “Viva la Tortuga”, 2013, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival
  • 2012, 2012 Silent River Film Festival, Irvine, CA – Official Selection 10/17- 10/20 – Directors of the Future Showcase for The Battle Behind the Bottle
  • 2012 Best Shorts Competition, 2012, Best Short Documentary Award of Merit
  • 2010 Indie Short Film Competition, 2010, Award for ‘Documentary’ category
  • 2006, Best Documentary Winner
  • NY Festivals, 2000, Finalist
  • Worldfest Houston, 1996, Silver Award
  • Telly Awards, 1993, Bronze Telly Award

Licensures and Certificates

  • Pace University, Teaching On-Line Certification Program
  • Avid, Avid Certification Certification to teach Media Composer 101


EdD, Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1998
Higher Education

MS, College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY, 1990
Communication Arts

MBA Certificate, Long Island University, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 1988
Business Administration

BA, Pace University, Pleasantville, NY, 1985
Literature and Communications

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Expert Witness - screenwriting, editing

Courses Taught

Past Courses

COM 200: Public Speaking
COM 252: Broadcast Lab I
COM 356: Digital Editing Workshop
COM 360: Screenwriting
COM 393: Intern Program I
COM 396: Advanced Production
COM 499: Topic in Com. Direct for Video
INT 197: Wired: NY to Wrld: Int'l News
INT 298: Through The Lens: Explrng Film
MCA 220: The Making of a Motion Picture
MCA 252: Broadcast Lab I
MCA 254: Producing the Documentary
MCA 339: Creative Wrtng for Bdcst Media
MCA 353: Broadcast Laboratory II
MCA 353: Media Production II
MCA 354: Producing Corporate Video
MCA 356: Digital Editing Workshop
MCA 356: Digital Editing Workshop I
MCA 360: Screenwriting
MCA 370: Producing the Documentary
MCA 393: Internship Program I
MCA 395: Independent Study in MCA
MCA 396: Topic: Advanced Production
MCA 396: Topic: Advanced Production II
MCA 396: Tpc: Cinematography of the Doc
MCA 397: Topic: The Chick Flick
MCA 397: TPC: From Script to Screen
MCA 397: TPC: Producing the Travel Doc
MCA 398: Topics: The Tear Jerker
MCA 498: Directing
MCA 499: Seminar: Directing
MCA 601: Industry Theory and Practice
MCA 602: Writing for Organizations
MCA 639: Creative Writing for Media Pro
MCA 652: Digital Video Field Prod
MCA 654: Industrial Media Production
MCA 655: Producing the Documentary
MCA 693: Internship
MCA 695: Independent Study in Comm
MCA 696: Editing Aesthetics
MCA 696: Special Topics: The Travel
MCA 696: Topic: Advanced Production
MCA 696: Topic: Media Prod I
MCA 696: Topic: Wrtng for Mda Prfssnls
MCA 696: TPC: Media Prod II
MCA 696: Tpc: Producing the Documentary
MCA 696: TPC:Directing Corp Production
MCA 696: TPC:Producing Trvl Documentary

Professional Contributions and Service

Professional Memberships

  • International Association of Broadcasters
  • International Association of Business Communicators
  • Media Communications Association International
  • National Broadcasters Association
  • National Communications Association
  • Women in Communications

Department Service

  • Communications Internship Website
  • Connections in Communications between Students and Professionals in MCA

College Service

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Communication Arts and Journalism, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
  • Media and Communication Arts Department, Pace University

University Service

  • Co-op/Career Services, Pace University
  • Cultural Diversity Committee [Committee Member]
  • Departmental TAPS [Committee Member]
  • Freshman Composition Committee [Committee Member]
  • Homecoming Committee [Committee Member]
  • Lit/Com Curriculum Committee [Committee Member]
  • Master of Arts in Media and Communication Arts, Pace University
  • Pace Accepted student days, Pace University
  • Pace University
  • Pace University
  • President's University committee on International Global Centers, Pace University [Committee Member]
  • Search Committee for Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer [Committee Member]
  • Student Life Media Awareness Committee [Committee Member]
  • Technology Committee [Committee Member]
  • Via Pace
  • Writing Contest Committee [Committee Member]

Professional Service

Creative Bubble, Pace University [Internship liaison ]

Related News and Stories


From immersive research to on-the-ground experiences with coopers in Spain, the PaceDocs team is once again crafting a captivating narrative. With dedicated translation efforts, meticulous scriptwriting, and seamless editing, the team navigates challenges to produce a stellar final product which will premiere on May 2. 

In the Media

Dyson Professors Maria Luskay and Lou Guarneri are leading Pace University’s documentary film team PaceDocs in filming their latest project on location overseas. They are currently in Spain, and are collaborating with a well-known musician and composer, José Buendía Picó, to provide music.