Meghana Nayak

Meghana Nayak

Department Chairperson
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Women's and Gender Studies
5th FLOOR suite 511
41 Park Row


BA, Southwestern University
Honors Psychology/Women's Studies

PhD, University of Minnesota
Political Science

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

The politics of gender violence; refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants; U.S. foreign policy; human rights

Courses Taught

Past Courses

HON 499: Snr Smnr in Rsrch Mthds
INT 197: Comprtv Racl & Gndr Poltcs
INT 297: Media & the Politics of War
INT 297: Politics & Cultures of ME & SA
INT 298: Intrntnl Iss in Chld Prtctn
POL 114: Intro to Intrntl Relations
POL 214: Revolution or Reform
POL 219: Intrn'l Pltcs & Ecnmc Orgnztns
POL 219: Intrn'l Political Eco & Global
POL 233: Advanced Intrntnl Relations
POL 233: International Relations
POL 247: Intrntl Law & Hmn Rghts
POL 249: Feminist Political Theory
POL 250: Gender and Politics
POL 296: Topic: Gender and Politics
POL 297: Tpc: Intrntl Law & Hmn Rghts
POL 303: Politics Workshop: U.N.
POL 303: Wksp:Int'L Issues/Trouble Spot
POL 303: Workshop: Int'l Organization
POL 392: Politics Internship II
POL 393: Internship in Government
POL 395: Ind Study in Political Studies
POL 499: Senior Year Experience/Politic
POLA 114: International Relations
UNV 101: First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty
WS 280: Intern in Women Gender Study
WS 291: Global Activist Politics
WS 291: Global Actvsm Transntl Feminsm
WS 296: Glbl Fmnst & Pstclnl Prspctvs

Publications and Presentations


"Politics of Disinheritance"
Nayak, M. V. (2020). Women's Studies Quarterly. Vol 48 (Issue 1&2) , pages 236-253.

"Review of Sara McKinnon, Gendered Asylum"
Nayak, M. V. Vol 37 (Issue 3) , pages 120-121.

"Gendered Insecurity and Migration in Global Politics"
Nayak, M. V. .

“Discourses of Democracy and Gender: Rethinking Feminism as the Redemption of Arabs and Muslims."
Nayak, M. V. Wahlrab and McNeal (Eds.), I.B. Tauris.

"Remaking the Global: Social Media and Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S."
Nayak, M. V. Understanding Popular Culture and World Politics in the Digital Age, Routledge Press.

"The False Choice Between Secular Universalism versus Religion/Culture"
Nayak, M. V. (2013). Politics and Gender. Vol 9 (Issue 1)

Decentering International Relations
Nayak, M. V. & Selbin, E. (2010). Decentering International Relations. Zed Books.

Professional Contributions and Service

Professional Memberships

  • National Women's Studies Association
  • International Studies Association

University Service

  • Dyson Houses [Faculty Advisor]