Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin

Associate Professor
Department Chairperson
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Psychology PLV
Room 32A
Marks Hall


BA, Pace University

MS, Pace University

PhD, Fordham University
Applied Development Psychology

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Subjective and eudaimonic well-being; personality, emotional development and aging; ; grief counseling; issues in counseling education; counseling and non-belief.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

MHC 638: Positive Psych & Psychotherapy
MHC 652: Hmn Growth & Dvlpmt
MHC 674: Intgrtng Sem: Prof Orientation
MHC 687: Mntl Hlth Cnslng/Consultation
MHC 710: Doctoral Practicum in MHC
MHC 731: Theories & Mthds of Cnslr Edu
MHC 800: Independent Study l
MHC 831: Doctoral Dissertation Sem I
MHC 832: Doctoral Dissertation Sem II
MM 802: Maintain Matriculation-PhD
MM 802: Maintain Matriculation-Phd
PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology II
PSY 112: Introduction to Psychology
PSY 214: Anml Psych & Hmn-anml Bond
PSY 233: Psychology of Civic Engagement
PSY 240: Positive Psychology/Happiness
PSY 271: Psychology of Morality
PSY 296: Tpc: Pstve Psych & Happiness
PSY 306: Psychological Testing
PSY 307: Psychology of Personality
PSY 375: Lifespan Dvlpmnt Psychology
PSY 395: Indpndnt Study in Psychology
PSY 396: Tpc: Pstve Psych & Happiness
PSY 600: Grad Psy / Indpndnt Study
PSY 631: Cnslng Theories & Tchnqs II
PSY 638: Positive Psych & Psychotherapy
PSY 650: Career & Lifestyle Development
PSY 650: Fld Exp: Counseling Intrnshp I
PSY 651: Iss of Chld & Adlscnt Psychlgy
PSY 651: Mntl Hlth Cnslng/Consultation
PSY 652: Hmn Growth & Dvlpmt
PSY 652: Hmn Growth & Dvlpmt & Fmly Sys
PSY 660: Death, Loss, and Bereavement
PSY 662: Lss/Brvmnt Cnsling Acrss Lfspn
PSY 662: Lss/Brvmnt Cnslng Acrss Lfspn
PSY 674: Intgrtng Sem: Prof Orientation
PSY 677: Research & Program Evaluation
PSY 687: Mntl Hlth Cnslng/Consultation
PSY 693: Rsrch Smnr in Mntl Hlth Cnslng
PSY 695: Independent Stdy in Psychology