Paul Londrigan

Clinical Assistant Professor
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Political Science - NY

Courses Taught

Past Courses

POL 111: Amrcn Gvrnmnt & Poltcl Instn
POL 114: Intro to Intrntl Relations
POL 213: 21st Century Politics
POL 214: Revolution or Reform
POL 240: Applied Research Methods
POL 243: Modern Political Theory
POL 296: U.S.,Empire, and Dmcrcy 21 Cntry
POL 297: Topic: Political Consciousness
POL 303: Politics Workshop: U.N.
POL 303: Wksp:Int'L Issues/Trouble Spot
POL 303: Workshop: Int'l Organization
POL 303: Workshop:int'l Organization
POL 380: C.S.: Democracy in America
POL 393: Internship in Government
POL 395: Ind Study in Political Studies