Paul Ziek

Paul Ziek

Associate Professor
Department Chairperson
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Media, Communications, and Visual Arts
Choate House


BA, Rutgers, The State University

MA, New York University
Media Ecology

PhD, Rutgers, The State University

Courses Taught

Past Courses

COM 200: Public Speaking
ENV 498: Mentoring Seminar
INT 197: Topics in Interdisciplinary
MCA 112: Fundamentals of Communication
MCA 180: Intro to Public Relations
MCA 185: Effective Public Relations
MCA 220: The Making of a Motion Picture
MCA 227: Writing for the Print Media
MCA 263: Event Planning for PR
MCA 264: Public Relations Research
MCA 270: Sports Broadcasting
MCA 275: The Movie Remake
MCA 276: Story Idea Development
MCA 310: Case Studies in Public Rltns
MCA 337: Writing Public Relations Copy
MCA 338: Censorship and the Mass Media
MCA 364: Media and Strategic Communic.
MCA 380: Crisis Communication
MCA 382: Celebrity Public Relations
MCA 390: Strategic Comm & Leadership
MCA 390: Strategic Comm and Leadership
MCA 393: Internship Program I
MCA 395: Independent Study in MCA
MCA 397: Topic: Crisis Communication
MCA 497: Public Relations Campaigns
MCA 499: Sem:Celebrity Public Relations
MCA 610: Communications Research
MCA 625: Corporate Comm & Reputation
MCA 625: Corporate Comm and Reputation
MCA 635: Organizational Communication
MCA 693: Internship
MCA 695: Independent Study in Comm
MCA 696: Current Issues in Media Tech.
UNV 101: First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty

Publications and Presentations


Networks within the Competitive Media Environment
Ziek, P. & Fink, K.

Breaking down walls: inter-organizational collaboration in ‘The Trifecta’
Ziek, P. & Fink, K. A. (2019). Media Practice and Education. Vol 20 (Issue 4) , pages 378--389.

From Anti-hero to commodity: The legacy of Kurt Cobain.
Ziek, P. & Pantic, M. (2019). IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities. Vol 6 (Issue 2) , pages 21-30.


Come as you are: The legacy of Kurt Cobain
Ziek, P. & Pantic, M. (2019). The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies ,