Sheila Chiffriller

Sheila Chiffriller

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Psychology PLV
Room 22
Marks Hall


Personal Quote

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

–Carl Rogers

Faculty Bio

Dr. Chiffriller completed her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University in New York. Prior to her career as a psychologist, she worked in business management in Manhattan for eleven years.


BS, Fordham University

MS, Fordham University
Counseling & Personnel Services

PhD, Fordham University
Counseling Psychology

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Dr. Chiffriller conducts research specializing in various topics. Some of these include factors associated with happiness, understanding and preventing violence, and the mental and physical well being of adolescents.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

MHC 630: Cnslng Theories & Tchnqs I
MHC 651: Issues in Child Psychotherapy
MHC 664: Bldng your Ideal Private Pract
MHC 669: Couple Counseling
MHC 672: Psychopthlgy/Prsnlty Dsordrs
MHC 677: Research & Program Evaluation
MHC 686: Appraisal and Assessment
MHC 742: Evidence-Based Practice in MHC
PSY 196: Topics in Psychology
PSY 201: Psych of Business & Industry
PSY 205: Stats in Psych & Allied Fields
PSY 232: Grp Relations & Intrview Tchnq
PSY 240: Positive Psychology/Happiness
PSY 256: Psy of Persnal Adjstmnt
PSY 260: Critical Think & Prblm Solving
PSY 275: Lifespan Dvlpmnt Psychology
PSY 296: TPC: Psychology & The Movies
PSY 297: Psychology in the Cinema
PSY 303: Adolescent Psychology
PSY 306: Psychological Testing
PSY 307: Psychology of Personality
PSY 320: Abnormal Psychology I
PSY 323: Psychology of Learning
PSY 337: Intro Psychological Counseling
PSY 337: Intro to Psycholgcl Counseling
PSY 375: Lifespan Dvlpmnt Psychology
PSY 380: Experimental Psychology I
PSY 381: Experimental Psychology II
PSY 395: Indpndnt Study in Psychology
PSY 499: Sr Yr Exp - iss. in Child Psyc
PSY 499: Sr Yr Exprnc - Hmn Rel & Psych
PSY 600: Grad Psy / Indpndnt Study
PSY 631: Cnslng Theories & Tchnqs II
PSY 650: Domestic Violence
PSY 650: Tpc:Generic Appraisal & Assmnt
PSY 650: Violence in Community
PSY 651: Issues in Child Psychotherapy
PSY 651: Tpc: Cpl Cslng: Emprclly- Bsed
PSY 664: Bldng your Ideal Private Pract
PSY 672: Psychopthlgy/Prsnlty Dsordrs
PSY 674: Intgrtng Sem: Prof Orientation
PSY 677: Research & Program Evaluation
PSY 679: Marriage & Family Sys & Cnslng
PSY 685: Scl & Cltrl Fndatn in Cnclng
PSY 686: Appraisal and Assessment

Publications and Presentations


What elementary students experience outside of the classroom: Children's responses to social exclusion
Kangos, K. A., Kangos, K. A. & Milone, L. A. Journal of School Counseling.