Walter Raubicheck

Walter Raubicheck

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
English - NYC


Personal Quote

Teaching at Pace is a great privilege because it gives me the opportunity to help students take advantage of the opportunities that come with their Pace education.

Faculty Bio

Walter Raubicheck is an authority on the fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the films of Alfred Hitchcock, and the songs of Bob Dylan.





Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Specialization in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century American Literature, Film Studies, and Popular Music

Courses Taught

Past Courses

ENG 105: Cmpstn & Rhtrc I (CAP) - LC
ENG 105: Composition & Rhetoric
ENG 105: Composition & Rhetoric I (CAP)
ENG 105: Composition/Rhetoric II - CAP
ENG 110: Composition
ENG 110: Composition (CAP)
ENG 110: Composition (CAP) - LC
ENG 110: Composition - (CAP)
ENG 120: Critical Writing
ENG 120: Critical Writing - CAP
ENG 201: Writing in the Disciplines
ENG 393: Internship
ENG 395: Independent Study
ENG 395: Independent Study in English
FSS 202: History of Film
FSS 203: The Art of Film
FSS 395: Indpdnt Stdy in Flm & Scrn Std
INT 196: Topic: Modernity & Its Critics
INT 197: Crusaders for Social Justice
INT 296: Drama in Action: Guerilla Thtr
INT 297: 60's: Mysticism, Music, Mdness
INT 297: Beats, Bongos, and Buddhism
INT 297: Existentialsm in Phlsphy & Lit
INT 297: Greece: Poetry vs.Phlsphy
LIT 211: Mstrpieces of Wrld Lit - Clscs
LIT 211: The Individual and Society
LIT 212: Romanticism & Modern World
LIT 320: American Literature I
LIT 321: Masters of American Lit II
LIT 343: Contemporary American Lit
LIT 348: Literature and Film
LIT 352: Seventeenth Century Literature
LIT 353: 18th Century Poetry and Prose
LIT 395: Independent Study-Literature
PHI 113: Ancient Philosophy
RES 242: The Divine Comedy of Dante
UNV 101: First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty
UNV 101: First-Yr Smnr: Unvrsty Commnty