Ying Huang

Ying Huang

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Mathematics - PLV
Marks Hall


Faculty Bio

I received my Ph.D from Brown University. Then I worked as a visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota and assistant professor at Toledo University before I joined Pace.


BS, Beijing University

MS, Brown University

PhD, Brown University

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Differential Equations, difference equations, dynamical systems; models of neural networks.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

MAT 102: Mathematics for Life - (CAP)
MAT 103: Algebra
MAT 103: Algebra-CAP
MAT 104: Finite Mathematics
MAT 104: Finite Mathematics - (CAP)
MAT 117: Elementary Statistics
MAT 130: Precalculus
MAT 131: Calculus I
MAT 132: Calculus II
MAT 134: Intro to Prbablty & Statistics
MAT 137: Intro to Discrete Mathematics
MAT 234: Intro to Prob & Stat Analysis
MAT 238: Linear Algebra
MAT 303: Modern Geometry
MAT 305: Complex Variables
MAT 311: Real Analysis
MAT 315: Intro Real & Complex Analysis
MAT 395: Independent Study in Math

Publications and Presentations


Boundedness Properties and Some Convergence Properties of the Difference Equation x(n+1)=[cx(n-1)+dx(n-2)]/[Bx(n)+Dx(n-2)]
Huang, Y. Journal of Difference Equations and Applications. Vol 18 (Issue 1) , pages 27-55.

Contracting Invariant Intervals and Convergence Properties of Difference Equations
Huang, Y. . Vol 17 (Issue 1) , pages 85-102.

Global Convergence Properties of First-Order Homogeneous Systems of Rational Difference Equations
Huang, Y. Journal of Difference Equations and Applications. Vol 18 (Issue 10) , pages 1683-1707. https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/gdea20/current#.UcyM9DtQHDk

Professional Contributions and Service

Professional Memberships

  • American Mathematical Society

Department Service

  • Library Liaison person [help the library with Math books and Journals]