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Chemistry and Physical Sciences (New York City)

The Elements for Success

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Through degree programs in the Chemistry and Physical Sciences department, the only one in the State of New York to be accredited by both the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), you will emerge proficient and confident to perform in today’s dynamic world of science. In addition to developing analytical thinking skills and foundational classroom theory, you will be immersed in hands-on laboratory experiences in state-of-the-art facilities, with the unique opportunity to conduct research alongside faculty, sometimes as early as sophomore year.

Unique Opportunities

Located on the New York City campus, the Haskins Laboratory is a scientific research center producing ground-breaking and internationally recognized research on parasitic disease. The Laboratory offers you one-of-a-kind, valuable educational opportunities to conduct critical research alongside faculty and laboratory staff, as you are immersed in real-life studies that impact human health around the world.

Cutting-edge facilities and equipment contribute directly to the esteemed learning experience provided by the Chemistry and Physical Sciences faculty. You will have many opportunities to work hands-on with the latest technology that will prepare you for today’s world of science.

The Chemistry and Physical Sciences program offers the distinctive opportunity for you to be involved in faculty research, in some cases as early as sophomore year. Faculty-student research encourages your interest in the field of chemistry, provides you experiential learning with modern instrumentation, and fosters collaboration with other students and science faculty.

In the Chemistry and Physical Sciences program, you will have additional opportunities to be immersed in your field, including the Chemistry Club affiliated with the American Chemical Society; Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta), the National Biological Honor Society; and Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.

Undergraduate Programs

In our undergraduate programs, you are immersed in ongoing research projects, gaining real-world experience in our state-of-the-art facilities. Learning from and researching alongside renowned science faculty, you get a first-hand opportunity to develop the skills you’ll need for further study or to embark in a career in many exciting, related fields, from engineering to pharmaceuticals.

Success Starts Here

Portrait of Rudra Persuad, young chemistry major alum at Pace University wearing a dark zippered cardigan

"At the time of making college enrollment decisions, I chose Pace because it was in the heart of a global metropolis, which offered me an opportunity to tap into resources in New York City and in the surrounding biotech-rich Tri-state area closer to the Pleasantville campus. Additionally, they offered me a competitive financial aid package."

Full interview with Rudra Persaud '19

Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs prepare you to dive into the dynamic job market in some of the nation’s fastest growing fields. You will engage with the latest technology in our specialized laboratories and collaborate on research opportunities with professionals locally, nationally, and internationally.


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Chemistry and Physical Sciences
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Chemistry and Physical Sciences

Support Staff

Gabriela Tavarez

Program Coordinator
New York City Campus
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Phone: (212) 346-1200 Ext. 10420
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Larisa Izraylovsky

Lab Director
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