Girl Museum Exhibit

Girls in Toyland

Students in the Girls’ Media Studies course partnered with the online Girl Museum to create an exhibit in the museum’s first student-led collaboration. As part of this initiative, each student first conducted research on the topic of girlhood and media between 1910–1960, and then selected a toy advertisement that targeted girls or advertised toys intended for girls during this era.

Vintage advertisement aimed to young girls about a Bissel metal sweeper. The ad was used in the Girl Museum Exhibit: Girls in Toyland created by Pace University Communication and Media Studies students.

Audio Storytelling

Students actively contribute to the digital landscape by creating podcasts engaging and relevant to contemporary issues. Through these projects, they develop their skills in content creation and connect with audiences in innovative ways.

Pace University Communication and Media Studies female student at computer with a microphone recording audio
Re-Reading History

Continued Relevance Exhibit

A selection of 54 images, each carefully chosen by a student and displayed with their personal commentary, from a gift of more than 1,400 historic news photos from the veteran news analyst and former White House Director of Communications, George Stephanopoulos, was on display in the Pace University Art Gallery.

student looking at photo