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Criminal Justice

Contribute to a More Just Society

Our Criminal Justice and Security program, available on both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses, develops problem-solving and critical analysis skills that will allow you to thrive in some of the fastest growing fields of the 21st century. Our dynamic program connects you with renowned faculty with professional experience and knowledge of the field, including former law enforcement officers.Internship opportunities that immerse you in real-world scenarios will prepare you for a compelling career or further study in fields such as law, public administration, psychology, or social work.

Unique Opportunities

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As a student in the Criminal Justice and Security program, you will have the opportunity to complement your studies with co-curricular experiences in your field. Parenting, Prisons, and Pups is a volunteer opportunity helping female jail-based prisoners reconnect with their children through parenting education and animal therapy. The Criminal Justice Society, which meets on both campuses, allows you the opportunity to network, engage with industry professionals, and enhance your resume with relevant accomplishments.

Successful Alumni

Cristina Alesci, chief corporate affairs officer at Chobani

"Dyson exposed me to a very diverse student body, both economically and culturally. Many of the students were recent immigrants or first-generation Americans like me, so even though our individual backgrounds were different, we had a commonality that united us. We all wanted to succeed—and the school helped. Through Dyson, I landed an internship with a Wall Street law firm, which was my first exposure to the international financial markets. That experience shaped the rest of my career. I ended up loving finance, which is one of the reasons I still cover it today."

Full Interview with Cristina Alesci '01


Bi-campus Department Chairperson
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Criminal Justice NY

Support Staff

Iraida Garcia

Program Coordinator
New York City Campus
Phone: (212) 346-1876

(Point person for all inquiries regarding the New York City undergraduate criminal justice program.)

Melissa Schilio

Program Coordinator
Pleasantville Campus
Phone: (914) 773-3674

(Point person for all inquiries about the MA in Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals or the Pleasantville criminal justice undergraduate program.)