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Latin American Studies

Explore Rich Global Connections

The Latin American Studies program employs a multi-disciplinary approach, combining courses in history, economics, modern languages, art, anthropology, and environmental studies. In addition to a robust curriculum, opportunities for hands-on learning, cultural events, and real-world internships prepare you for a wide breadth of career options, ranging from arts and culture to politics and economics.

Unique Opportunities

Latin American / Caribbean Internship

The Latin American/Caribbean Internship Program combines a traditional classroom environment with a real-world internship experience, utilizing equal parts theory and field practice. In the classroom, you’ll lead discussions in a seminar-style format. Outside the classroom, you will participate in a public service internship in a New York City agency working on Latin American or Caribbean issues, providing valuable, professional field experience.


Successful Alumni

Matteo Ceurvels ’13

Portrait photo of Matteo Ceurvels

Matteo, Latin American Studies, Spanish, is having a very busy day.

He is a senior researcher at eMarketer, a New York based company that provides data and analysis on a wide range of digital topics across industries. As part of his role, he is synthesizing market trends in Latin America and Spain, interviewing key entrepreneurs and industry leaders, and translating this information to marketers or digital media professionals who are applying it to their own marketing agendas in their respective firms.

And that’s just by noon.


Daniel Greenberg, PhD
Latin American Studies Program Director
New York City Campus
Phone: (212) 346-1086
Email: dgreenberg2@pace.edu