The Go-Getter Digital Marketer

January 28, 2018
Lubin alumna Ashley Southard '17

Ashley Southard London

Social Media Manager, Kichler Lighting

Class of 2018
MS in Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Why did you choose Lubin for your MS degree?

I chose Pace because of the program's focus on social media and the mix of on campus and online classes. I also loved the opportunity to learn outside the classroom from real world experts in the field.

What was your favorite Lubin experience?

Definitely the travel course I took in 2017. We went to Copenhagen and Stockholm and learned about sustainability as it relates to marketing. I have the travel bug so this trip was not only a great chance to see two places I've never been to, but the sessions and company visits we did while abroad were also enlightening. Most of the companies we visited are pioneers in what they do and their innovation showed. I still take inspiration from these visits during my day-to-day work life.

I loved the opportunity to learn outside the classroom from real world experts in the field.

What is your main takeaway from our MS program?

I think my main takeaways are how to understand who you are marketing to, how to use data/analytics to fuel or backup your decisions and to always ask, 'why?'

How has what you learned in the MS program influenced your career?

Pace gave me the motivation and confidence to go after the digital marketing career that I wanted.

How do you define #LubinLife?

Being in the heart of NYC is one of the biggest benefits of being a student at Pace. For me, #LubinLife is all about taking the knowledge that I learned through the program and applying that to the real world, both in and out of the classroom.

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