Peace and Justice Studies, BA

  • New York City

The Right Major at the Right Place

We are currently the only University in Manhattan to offer a major in Peace and Justice Studies. This unique program merges the field’s theoretical principles with the practical experience in New York City and beyond. Pace’s PJS major is centered around three fundamental pillars—research, action, and education. We draw on the vibrancy of the city, the expertise of our faculty and the passion of our students to create a community that is centered on sustainability, intersectionality, and transformation on local, national, and international levels.

Passion for Transformational Justice

  • Emerge as a competent and confident researcher.
  • Be actively engaged in addressing harm and preventing violence.
  • Earn a degree that will enable you to be committed to long-term work based in anti-racism, anti-oppression, and decolonizing perspectives.

Take Courses Like…

Our faculty, who bring real-world experience into the classroom, offer specialties in peace and conflict studies, transformative justice, nonviolent social change and community organizing, trauma, gender, humanitarian aid, religion and peacebuilding, and reconciliation and transitional justice.

New York City is an ideal place to study peace and justice studies, as the city offers a stream of opportunities to intern with nonprofits or at the United Nations, experience cutting edge art and drama that addresses justice issues, explore a rich landscape of historical markers related to social justice, participate in and observe social protest movements, take advantage of the many offerings of the United Nations, and meet people from all over the world whose life stories contribute firsthand testimonies about both conflict and peace building.

Add Opportunities and Experiences

The PJS major is a good co-curricular fit with many existing Pace programs, including:

  • Model United Nations
    Located only two express subway stops from the iconic United Nations complex on the East River, Pace University’s New York City Model UN team has a 60-year history of excellence in regional, national, and international competitions. In October 1950, Pace fielded its first Model UN team, representing Ecuador at the ‘Intercollegiate Model Meeting of the United Nations Security Council’ at the UN headquarters just a year after the building was built.
  • LGBTQA and Justice Center
    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Asexual and Ally (LGBTQA) Social Justice Center exists to create campus environments that are inclusive and supportive of student, staff, and faculty diversity in the areas of sexuality and gender identity and expression. The office promotes identity expression, self-determination, and exploration on all levels for all members of Pace University through advocacy, education, activism, programming, and a commitment to social justice.
  • Center for Community Action and Research
    For more than a decade, the Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) has supported civic engagement, social responsibility, and reciprocal partnerships with the community, resulting in enriched learning for positive change. Housed within the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, the CCAR’s programs serve the entire University through curricular and co-curricular initiatives, coordination of national civic engagement programs, and support of ongoing community partnerships.

Choose Your Career

The PJS major supports students as they pursue careers in non-profits, humanitarian and international aid work, international law, negotiation, diplomacy, mediation, community organizing, poverty reduction, restorative justice, and more.

Where Graduates are Employed

  • Alliance for Peacebuilding
  • Alma Migrante
  • Asylum Works
  • Equality Now
  • Fulbright Fellows
  • Global Policy Forum
  • Institute for Economics and Peace
  • Obama Foundation
  • United Nations
  • US Department of State