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FAQ Alternative Certification Trans B Students

What Type Of Certification Is Required For Me To Start Teaching?

Transitional B Certificate—First-level temporary teaching certificate issued to permit the employment of an individual who is enrolled in an alternative teacher certification program. Transitional B, also called the Trans B, is tied to the school placement. Issued in classroom teaching titles. This certificate is maintained electronically in the TEACH system; no actual paper certificate is generated. The Trans B is valid for up to three (3) years while the individual is matriculated in an alternative program that leads to the Initial Certificate. Trans B certificates expire when a college recommendation for Initial certification is entered. Initial college recommendations are issued once the student graduates from the program, and the date of Trans B expiration will be your graduation date.

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What Documents Are Required For Transitional-B Certification?

  • Copies of your full NYS test scores.
  • Copies of your three mandated workshop certificates in violence prevention, child abuse detection, and The New York State Dignity for All Students Act (DASA-Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention & Intervention). If these workshops are not listed on your TEACH account, please contact DOE to add them. Pace University can't add workshops taken with the DOE.
  • After you obtain a teaching position, you will also need to complete and submit Placement and Teaching Schedule forms. These are required in order to assign you a Field Consultant and to evaluate and determine your certification area.

All paperwork must be received and reviewed before we can recommend you. You cannot be certified without the institutional recommendation.

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How Can I Obtain Copies Of My New York State Test Scores?

These will be sent to you as PDF file attachments a month after you take the test. We highly recommend that you print a hard copy and save it, as the state only keeps them on file for at least three years.

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How Can I Obtain Copies Of My Mandated Workshop Certificates?

  1. Sign on to the MyNYCTF page
  2. Select the Learning Management System tab
  3. Print the required course certificates.
  4. See SOE Workshop page for more details

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Do I Have To Be Certified On My First Day Of Teaching?

No. You cannot be recommended until we have a chance to review your teaching schedule, which will not be available until your first week of the school year.

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How Will My Certification Area Be Determined?

This will be based on several factors: your undergraduate degree major, your teaching placement, and your actual teaching schedule.

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When Can I Expect To Be Recommended For My Certificate?

Recommendations usually begin after your teaching schedule is received and reviewed.

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How Do I Apply For My Certificate?

The application is submitted online via the New York state’s TEACH system.

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Program-Specific Instructions

ST2 Childhood Special Education (DUAL)

Program Code - 26193 - (Apply for Childhood Education 1-6 and SWD Grades 1-6 Trans B)

ST2 Adolescent Special Education

Program Code - 36376 - (Apply for SWD 7-12 Generalist Trans B)

MST Adolescent and Adolescent Special Education Biology or Math or Chemistry (DUAL)

Program Code - 35812 - (Apply for SWD 7-12 Generalist and one of the following Biology 7-12 or Chemistry 7-12 or Math 7-12 Trans B) PLEASE APPLY FOR YOUR ASSIGNED SUBJECT ONLY (Math or Chemistry or Biology)

MST Adolescent Special Education Generalist

Program Code - 36376 - (Apply for SWD 7-12 Generalist Trans B)

MST Childhood Special Education (DUAL)

Program Code - 26193 - (Apply for Childhood Education 1-6 and SWD Grades 1-6 Trans B)

Math Immersion

Program Code - 24503 - (Apply for Math 7-12 Trans B)

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COVID-19 Certificate Application Instructions

This Is An Additional Step That You Must Take After Applying For The Trans B Above.

Candidates must apply for the Emergency COVID-19 certificate in the same certificate title as their TRANS B(s). Repeat the application process above except select TYPE = COVID 19 Emergency Certificate for each Trans B.

  1. From TEACH, select Apply for Certificate then:
  2. Area of Interest (Classroom)
  3. Subject Area (Adolescent / Childhood...)
  4. Grade Level (1-6 / 7-12..)
  5. Title & Type (Emergency COVID-19) then Add.

Pathway = Individual Evaluation, you must have one COVID-19 application for each TRANS B that requires any test(s) you were unable to take or pass. A COVID-19 Certificate application without a matching TransB application will not be processed by NYSED.

For SINGLE Certification students, Two (2) applications are required. One for the TRANS B certificate & one for the COVID-19 Certificate.

For DUAL Certification students, Four (4) applications are required. One TRANS B for your subject, one TRANS B for SWD and One COVID for your subject, and one COVID for SWD.

Deadline for Applications: Apply for the certificate on or before September 1, 2022.
Application Fees: No fee for the Emergency COVID-19 certificate.

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