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Media, Communications, and Visual Arts

Master your Media Acumen

Featuring a state-of-the-art Communications Center and a convenient location to the media mecca of the world, the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts department on Pace’s Westchester campus provides you with real-world experiences in exciting fields such as film, production, journalism, and public relations. With a variety of degree options, our programs will immerse you in hands-on opportunities and individualized attention in small class sizes.

Unique Opportunities

In our advanced film courses, you and your classmates will have the opportunity to produce your own professional-quality documentary. With a focus on telling important stories, the coursework immerses you in the documentary’s subject matter, which has included trips to Hawaii, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Our program’s internship requirement connects you to real-world experience in this fast-growing, continually evolving field. With our proximity to New York City, your internship options are endless and can include opportunities in fashion, national news, film, sports, and more.

Our state-of-the-art Communications Center gives you hands-on access to professional-quality equipment and facilities, including video and production equipment, video editing labs, audio recording studios, and TV studios.

In addition to the Mu Iota Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association, our program connects you to local and national communications organizations and hosts networking events to help you develop relationships in the industry.

Success Starts Here

Pasquale Noce

"The staff and faculty within the [Media, Communications, and Visual Arts] department are all genuine and encouraging. Professor Lou Guarneri offers unique, hands-on class experiences and is down to earth. Dr. Paul Ziek is extremely dedicated and passionate about improving the department. There are many other people in the department who are inspiring and supportive."

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Please send any inquiries about the MA in Media and Communication Arts graduate program to Maria Luskay.

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Media, Communications, and Visual Arts
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Media, Communications, and Visual Arts

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