Pace University's Media, Communications, and Visual Arts students filming with one holding a camera, one directing, and one holding a light

The Media, Communications, and Visual Arts (MCVA) lab provides students with access to a wide range of professional videography and production equipment. Enrolled MCVA students have the ability to borrow equipment for all facets of video/audio production; not limited to coursework requirements, but for personal projects as well.

No matter what major you pursue in the MCVA department, a wide range of industry standard gear is at your fingertips. The process for borrowing equipment is hassle free and facilitates students with the “hands on” experience you can expect to gain as an MCVA student.

Available Equipment

  • Cinema Cameras

    • Canon C300 MK1 (X3)
    • Canon C300 MK3 (X3)
    • Black Magic pocket cam 6K (X6)
    • Black Magic Ursa Mini (X2)
    • Sony FS5 (X3)


    • Canon XF405A (X4)
    • Sony NX80 (X4)


    • Canon 5D MK3 (X1)
    • Canon 6D (X2)
    • Rokinon Lens kit- 24,35,50,85 (X3)
    • Rokinon Xeen Lens kit- 14.24,35,50,85,135 (X1)
    • Rokinon 24MM (X4)
    • Rokinon 35MM (X4)
    • Rokinon 50MM (X4)
    • Rokinon 85MM (X2)
    • Canon 24-105 (X2)
    • Canon 24-70 (X2)
    • LED Lite panel kits (X7)
    • ARRI Lights 650 (X3) 300 (X3) 150 (X3)
    • Tripods (X10+)
    • Ronin Gimbals (X6)
    • Rode wireless GO kits (X7)
    • Senheisser Wireless Lav kits (X3)
    • Sony Wireless Lav Kits (X4)
    • Senheisser Wired Lav kits (X7)
    • Zoom H4N recording kits (X9)
    • External Microphones (X10+)
    • DJI Mavic mini (X5)
    • DJI Mavic 3 classic (X6)

How to Reserve the Lab Facilities

  1. Go to the Pace University Helpdesk and log in using your standard Pace credentials.
  2. Go to the "Request" tab and select "MCVA Lab.”
  3. Select either "Equipment Reservation Form" or "MCVA Lab Helpdesk".
    • Equipment Reservation Form: is for use by students looking to check out equipment or reserve production studio space.
    • MCVA Lab Helpdesk: all technical concerns related to the editing suites, production equipment, or A/V setups inside the classrooms can be directed here. All requests can be submitted via this inquiry and the lab staff can better diagnose and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  4. Fill out all required fields for the ticket.
  5. Once the form is complete click "Save".
  6. Once we receive your ticket, the lab staff will be able to track and service your request. This system will also help ensure that we receive all the necessary info to determine the solution to the request.