Making the Music Video

In this course, you will work from concept development to multi-camera filming and editing with the ultimate goal of completing original music videos for actual artists. The emphasis of this class is learning technical production, production management skills, and working as part of a crew. To do this, throughout the semester, you will work collaboratively to develop critical skills as a viewer, maker and reader of the music video.

Pace University's Media, Communications, and Visual Arts students filming a music video
Pace University's Media, Communications, and Visual Arts student holding controller and looking up at flying drone

Making Media With Drones

You can learn about how drones are used, and gain hands-on experience flying and using them to capture media. Our course prepares you to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s exam for a commercial drone pilot’s license, which is a useful addition to any media professional’s resume. We are one of three institutions in New York that are members of the FAA’s UAS-CTI program. (Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Collegiate Training Initiative).