[Hospitality, Meet Culinary: ICC and Lubin Get Business Students in the Kitchen]

Hospitality, Meet Culinary: ICC and Lubin Get Business Students in the Kitchen

Pace University and the International Culinary Center (ICC) have entered into an agreement combining education in ICC's Professional Culinary Arts program with the BBA in Management - Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) concentration at Lubin. Students in Lubin's BBA HTM program will be able to matriculate in the Professional Culinary Arts Program offered by ICC with priority admission and a partial scholarship. Graduates of the ICC Professional Culinary Program will be able to transfer 15 credits toward the Pace BBA HTM program. "Lubin's HTM and ICC's Professional Culinary Arts Program is a potent combination that will give a competitive edge to students interested in launching a career in this industry," said Dean Neil Braun.

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We welcome you to Pace's Pleasantville campus, where the physical and academic revitalization that has taken place in the last two years is astounding. Pace University has designed a comprehensive Master Plan for its Pleasantville campus to create a more modern, sustainable, and dynamic living and learning community. The Lubin School of Business offers great programs like Sports Marketing and Hospitality and Tourism Management in a traditional college setting on the Pleasantville campus.

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