Big Opportunities at a Big Four Firm

September 13, 2023
Lubin student Syed Mubasheer Ahmed '23

Syed Mubasheer Ahmed

Class of 2023

Currently Studying: MS in Accounting and Data Analytics and Technologies

Member Of: Beta Alpha Psi, Association of Latin Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA)

Pronouns: He/Him

Attending business school in a new country can be tough, but with courage and hard work, Syed Mubasheer Ahmed is making it look easy. Not only is he involved in on-campus clubs, but Syed is also taking advantage of all the resources available to students—and it's his commitment to attending Career Services' events that landed him a coveted summer internship with EY.

Why did you choose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business?

There are a few reasons why I chose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business. My first goal was to pursue a program that combined accounting with data analytics in New York City since I had this distinct idea of living and studying here. In particular, the University is in the epicenter of the city and is close to the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center. In addition, Lubin offers numerous competitions and events that help you become a better student while also providing opportunities to network with new people. Along with having a fantastic graduate assistantship program, the Lubin School of Business has a strong track record of helping students find jobs after graduation. Finally, I wanted to be part of a community with a diverse population of international students because I am one.

How have clubs on campus helped enrich your student experience?

Clubs are a great way to make friends and practice social skills. Even though being part of Beta Alpha Psi and ALPFA may seem enjoyable on its own, it's not just about hanging out with your friends and doing something you all enjoy—being part of on-campus organizations has assisted me in developing important leadership, interpersonal, teamwork, and time management skills. In addition, you can socialize with people who are not in your immediate circle of friends or program. Clubs, especially smaller ones, place a strong emphasis on intimacy and familiarity among members, making a fantastic setting for you to develop your interpersonal abilities, build your self-confidence, and meet new people while simultaneously improving your academic performance.

Tell us a bit about being an international student at Pace?

International students interested in studying in the US must go through several procedures, from the visa application process to actually arriving in the US. However, Pace University has been incredibly helpful, organized, and supportive—all my questions are consistently addressed. It has been quite beneficial for me to learn about various cultures and traditions and to interact with a variety of students from across the world. International students also develop independence and maturity as we learn to fend for ourselves in a new country. Generally, life as an international student is quite an eye-opening adventure.

You spent the summer interning with EY. How did the Lubin School of Business help you prepare for this internship?

Lubin resources such as Career Services greatly impacted my hunt for an internship. Through networking opportunities, resume writing, and simulated interviews, they offered helpful support. I was able to network at events and learn about other job opportunities. I improved my CV with their assistance to reflect my abilities and experiences. I received useful feedback in mock interviews, which helped hone my interviewing techniques and increase my confidence. My professional growth and achievements were significantly influenced by Lubin's all-encompassing support.

What attracted you to this internship?

Initially, I was looking for accounting positions, but I couldn't locate a good match. After that, I decided to take advantage of the opportunities with the Big Four accounting firms. I discovered that auditing is something that I am interested in after going through the interview process and being chosen. It includes the capacity for decision-making and more insightful inquiry.

Describe what a typical day looked like as an FSO Assurance Audit Intern at EY.

My workday consisted of both office-based and remote tasks. On days when I was physically present in the office, my mornings usually involved going to meetings and making daily check-in calls. After that, I would get tasks from many people, including the senior manager, managers, staff, or partners. I committed myself to finishing these things all day, but I also concentrated on web-based learning on the EY platform to learn more about the organization. I would meet up with my fellow interns for lunch on the terrace, where we would all eat while taking in the amazing views of New York. I would then pick up where I left off and help with other daily office tasks. I also had the advantage of attending professional networking events, which has allowed me to expand my network and learn more about the people and businesses I interact with.

What was the highlight or most enjoyable aspect of your internship so far?

The most memorable aspects of my time at EY included working for a large corporation and attending intern-only events, which allowed me to expand my network and meet new people. The best part of meeting and mingling with interns from all departments was going bowling and playing golf with some incredible people. The team dinner was also one of the most enjoyable parts. As an EY intern, you also have access to a variety of promotional events with the EY brand as a part of the assurance team, which is a perk.

How did this experience shape or impact your career goals?

My ability to communicate has improved and I learned so much about policies and procedures, testing of controls, and auditing standards. This internship also enhanced my leadership abilities and my knowledge of how the business world operates. I also learned a lot—and am continually learning—about one of the most crucial aspects of auditing: decision making and questioning. I have gained a lot of knowledge, and I am confident that it will be useful in my future employment.

How will this experience impact your next semester at Lubin?

This semester, which is my final semester at Lubin, will be greatly impacted by my time at EY. There's more to it now than just reading textbooks and studying theories! I'll be putting my knowledge of accounting and auditing into practice in the real world. It's like applying everything I've learned in class to real-world circumstances. I am confident that being able to incorporate real-world experiences and viewpoints into my courses will make this semester at Lubin more relevant. It's crucial to close the knowledge gap between theory and practice.

Don't wait for an opportunity to knock on your door. Get out there and discover who you are. Then, seize the chance to be the finest version of yourself. Our on-campus Career Services department is the best in their field, so contact them. They can assist you in starting your journey.

Do you have any advice for other Lubin students who would like to pursue an internship in the future?

Clarity is key, so be extremely clear about what you want to do and how you're going to make it before you start planning. Set your objectives, be laser-focused, and work tirelessly toward them, even when it seems impossible. Don't give up—this is how you'll demonstrate your commitment to your goals. Don't wait for an opportunity to knock on your door. Get out there and discover who you are. Then, seize the chance to be the finest version of yourself. Our on-campus Career Services department is the best in their field, so contact them. They can assist you in starting your journey. Continue to study new things, cultivate your individuality, and look for and correct your weaknesses. Participate in as many career fairs as possible to network with various experts, build relationships with professionals, ask pointed questions, and show commitment.

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