The Veteran Championing Business and Mental Health

January 30, 2024

Joseph Ingles

Class of 2025

Currently Studying: BBA in Global Marketing Management

Member Of: Active Minds (Vice President)

Pronouns: He/Him

Lubin student Joseph Ingles '25

Towards the end of his army contract, Joseph Ingles was searching for a business school that would provide him with a smooth transition from his logistics-focused role. After a strong recommendation from a lieutenant, Joseph landed at Lubin, where he has since gained real-world marketing experience and made it his mission to shed light on the importance of mental health.

Why did you choose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business?

At the end of my army contract, one of my lieutenants recommended Pace University, telling me that the Lubin School of Business is a great business school because of its opportunities and location. I chose a business program because my role in the army was focused on logistics, so I knew my skills would transfer smoothly.

I chose a business program because my role in the army was focused on logistics, so I knew my skills would transfer smoothly.

How have clubs on campus helped enrich your student experience?

Joining clubs and attending events has been important to me. This has given me the chance to meet new people organically and helped me create a great network.

You serve as the Senior Marketing Manager at Pace Perk Mart. What motivated you to apply for this position?

I was a regular customer of Pace Mart because I would be in the library religiously studying. I then learned from a shift associate that it is a student-run business and operates like a real one, with positions like Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. I immediately scoured their social media pages and realized they didn't have a TikTok and weren't posting Reels on Instagram. In this day and age, short-form content is necessary for reach. I saw that there was room for growth and at that very moment, I applied.

As the Senior Marketing Manager, you develop creative video content for Pace Perk Mart's Instagram and TikTok accounts. As a business student, how do you tap into your creative side? Why is it important to you to stay creative as a business student?

I am a business student but don't necessarily try to "tap in" to be creative. I don't see creativity like that. To be creative is to just be human, paying attention to what is life in general, like a friendly "hi," a nice stroll in the park, holding hands, or simple daily deeds. I have always enjoyed the arts and storytelling, and with shortform content I was able to combine those two capabilities into Pace Mart. As a business student I think it is important to stay disciplined.

How will your experience at Pace Perk Mart help you with your career post-graduation?

Pace Mart has given me hands-on experience. This opportunity has shown me the ins and outs of being part of a business. Working with different people really allows you to develop and enhance your communication, teamwork, time management, and leadership skills.

You are also the Vice President of Active Minds, an on-campus organization that promotes the visibility of mental health inclusivity for students. Why was it important for you to be part of this initiative?

I wanted to join the Active Minds organization to shed light on how important mental health is. Mental health awareness should be talked about more effectively. As a veteran, I know that mental health can impact even the strongest of people, so I know how important counseling, therapy, and friendships can be.

What has been your favorite opportunity at Pace?

My favorite opportunities include working for Lubin's student-sun businesses and having access to Pace's strong Career Services team.

Do you have any advice for other Lubin students?

My advice to Lubin students is to step forward voluntarily. In business and life, I believe that is what we are asked to do.

What does #LubinLife mean to you?

To me, #LubinLife means a community of opportunity.

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