College of Health Professions students sitting at a table working together on a project.

Areas of Research Focus

CHP faculty members are currently working on several studies within the following research areas.

Current Faculty Research Topics

  • All of Us informational event for the Caribbean community living in the greater New York City area (Drs. Rhonda Maneval, Millie Hepburn-Smith, and Marie Lourdes Charles)
  • Examining the Feasibility of a Novel Animatronic Pet to Increase Walker Use in A Sample of Community Dwelling Older Adults (Dr. Sharon Wexler)
  • Responding to Covid-19 Crisis through Simulated Teaching Strategies (Dr. Rhonda Maneval)
  • Promoting Interprofessional Education and Improving Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patient Outcomes with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Dr. Lucille Ferrara)
  • Evaluation of Transfer of Learning from University Based Simulation Experiences to New Graduate Nurses Professional Practice (Dr. Joanne Knoesel)
  • Parental perception of perceived emotional QOL of their children with cerebral palsy as compared to children without (Dr. Esma Paljevic)
  • The Experiences of Ghanaian Diaspora Stroke Survivors and Their Family Caregivers in the Bronx (Dr. Keville Frederickson)
  • The experiences of psychiatric nurses and psychiatric nurse practitioner, who are in recovery from mental illness (Dr. Krystyna de Jacq)
  • Attitudes of Registered Nurses Caring for Adults with Intellectual and Development Disabilities (Dr. Marie Lourdes Charles)
  • Music after Stroke to Enhance Recovery (Master) (Dr. Millie Hepburn-Smith)
  • A Randomized Study of Non-Pharmacologic Interventions for Stress Management in Veteran College Students (Drs. Joanne Singleton and Lucille Ferrara)
  • SWERV: Supporting Women of Color Experiencing Recent Violence (Dr. Millie Hepburn-Smith)
  • Learning from healthcare professionals’ experience providing care for minorities during COVID-19: A pilot study (Drs. Ana Amaya, Tiffany Henley, and Kyomi Gregory)
  • The knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s), attitudes, and normative beliefs of safer sex practices among adults age fifty years of age and older that date online (Dr. Natalie Stepanian)
  • Paws & Breathe, an evidence-based stress reduction intervention offered in partnership with a canine (Dr. Joanne Singleton)
  • The effects of training on the quality of complex information dissemination to a naïve audience (Dr. Scott Youmans)
  • Communicative stress due to the Coronavirus pandemic in individuals with neurogenic communication disorders- A pilot investigation (Dr. Linda Carozza)
  • Strengthening Community-Based Surveillance for COVID-19 in South Asia (Dr. Joshua Mendelsohn)
  • Mobile applications for promoting and evaluating visual perceptual skills in preschool children with special needs (Dr. Supawadee Lee)
  • How do children learn to speak? A study on public opinion (Dr. Sethu Karthikeyan)
  • Covid-19 vaccine beliefs and intentions, and the practice of prevention behaviors among college students: In search of an integrative model of determinants in an evolving pandemic (Drs. Erica Gollub, and Joshua Mendelsohn)
  • National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence (NHCGNE)

Faculty Profiles

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Top Research Funding Priorities

  • Geriatric Health Care
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Regulatory Policy/Access to Care and Role of Nurse Practitioner & Health Services Research
  • Disease Prevention
  • Pediatric Health Promotion
  • Global Health

Top Programmatic Funding Priorities

  • Student Scholarships (all levels)
  • Student Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Student Retention Initiatives (all levels)
  • Technology Resources for Students
  • Building Expansion for CHP Growth

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