Chair's Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences’ Psychology Department at the New York City Campus of Pace University. There are many factors that make our Department unique, dynamic, and exciting, the one that stands out is DIVERSITY – local and global. This diversity is reflected in the diversity of our students, staff, and faculty, in the breadth and depth of research and clinical experiences available to students. These experiences provide our students with opportunities to transcend disciplinary boundaries and engage in interdisciplinary thinking. The Psychology Department values and celebrates diversity in every aspect of its functioning.

Our faculty and dedicated staff come from all over the globe and from different parts of the United States. Members of our faculty are renowned, locally and globally, for their contributions to the field of psychology in areas that include medically vulnerable children, child trafficking, infant movement and development, parenting, creativity, digital media, psychopathology, psychotherapy, assessment, trauma, religion/spirituality, community health, and many more areas of human functioning. I encourage you to explore our website for more details. Our department is among the most internationally-oriented psychology departments in the United States, with many of our faculty and students engaged in global research and program development at the United Nations, non-government organizations, regional medical facilities, and government facilities. Additionally, our Diversity Committee and Diversity and Social Justice Interest Group, which includes faculty, staff, and students; actively develops and hosts colloquia and training programs around these issues.

Our students are the foundation of our diversity. They come from all over the United States and the world, representing diverse perspectives and values. At all levels of training (undergraduate and graduate), our students have ample opportunities to expand their horizons locally and globally by engaging with our faculty and actively participating in their research areas through various courses such as Mentored Lab, Independent Study for undergraduates, and Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Projects, for graduate students. Undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students work closely with their faculty mentors and with each other in these courses.  Our Annual Psychology Research Day, where our students present their research to their mentors, families, and colleagues, attracts participation from all over the United States. Students may also take courses focused on understanding the world outside the United States such as International Psychology, Psychology at the UN, and travel courses to India and France. Additional opportunities for students and faculty to engage with global issues and scholars working on these issues comes from the Center for Global Psychology devoted to creating experiences that enhance awareness of global issues. Student representatives are involved in all levels of the departmental curricular and extracurricular activities.

In keeping with a changing world, our Department is dynamic. Recent developments include the development of a Neuroscience Minor in conjunction with the Biology Department and the three newly developed tracks in our General Masters in Psychology program – International Behavioral and Social Sciences Research, International Psychology, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The minor and the graduate tracks introduce students to the myriad directions in which their psychology degree may take them.

We are located in the heart of an international city, Manhattan and our programs draw upon the city’s enormous and diverse cultural, scientific, medical, social, and educational assets. Our doctoral students are at training sites all over the tri-state area working with diverse groups of people.

Undergraduate Majors:

Our undergraduate program, despite being a large major, provides multiple opportunities for our students to receive individualized mentoring and support.

Undergraduate Minors:

Our minor offerings, including Psychology and Neuroscience (in conjunction with Biology) provide an opportunity to gain some knowledge of human behavior and the mind-body connection.


Our graduate master’s program in General Psychology provides our students an opportunity to explore the field of Psychology through its core and elective courses, and tracks. Students from our program have moved on to diverse careers and doctoral training programs.

MSEd and PsyD:

Our graduate programs in School Psychology were the first to be registered with New York State and for more than 30 years have provided excellent training to students. Our faculty are well-known for their contributions to the field of psychology in arenas such as assessment, parenting, psychotherapy, and trauma.

  • MSEd in School Psychology
    (Note: MSEd in Bilingual School Psychology certificate is available for eligible candidates)
  • PsyD in School-Clinical Child Psychology. Our PsyD degree is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA), and is one of only 10 nationwide recognized as a combined professional-scientific doctoral program by the APA.

Doctoral students, under the supervision of esteemed professionals in the field, offer affordable services to members of the community and students enrolled at Pace University at our on-site psychology training clinic, The Thomas J. McShane Center for Psychological Services.

In sum, our faculty, students, and staff are committed to working together to provide innovative and cutting-edge research and training opportunities in a supportive and safe environment to better serve individuals and communities – local and global. I invite you participate in this exciting endeavor with us.

Warm Regards,
Sonia Suchday, PhD
Professor and Chair