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Online, New York City and Westchester Applications

The English Language Institute application process is 100% online. Paper applications are not accepted. You may review our application and admission policies before submitting your application.

Please contact us if you require assistance or have any questions while completing your application.

Student Applications

Apply in Other Languages (for F1 Visa students only)

Au Pairs, Part-Time Students, and Community Students: please use the ELI Student Application.

Other Application Processes

All documents submitted in support of an application for admission become the permanent possession of Pace University and cannot be returned to the applicant or photocopied for the applicant. For your records, please make photocopies of all materials submitted.

The ELI at Pace University does not use TOEFL/ IELTS/Pearson scores or High School/ College transcripts for admission. Do not submit either with your application.

The minimum age to enroll in our Intensive and Academic English programs is 16 years old.

Course Cancellation

The English Language Institute (ELI) at Pace University reserves the right to cancel courses in the event of insufficient enrollment. Please be aware that the ELI is unable to provide compensation for expenses incurred by students that are unrelated to their program of study.

Course Deferral

Pace ELI Visa Deferral Policy

  • Students applying to study with an F1 Visa who defer their start date may do so a maximum of 2 times with no additional cost or penalty.
  • For each additional deferral, the student must pay a $65.00 Deferral Fee
  • Students who defer due to a visa refusal will not have to pay the $65.00 Deferral Fee if they submit valid proof of visa refusal or denial.


If you're an F1 student planning to start your studies with Pace ELI but need to defer your program, you can postpone your start date twice without any extra charges. However, if you defer more than twice, there will be a $65.00 Deferral Fee for each additional deferral. If your reason for deferring is a visa refusal or denial, you won't need to pay the $65.00 Deferral Fee if you provide valid proof of the visa refusal/denial.