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Center for Global Psychology

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Dyson College Center for Global Psychology is to enhance the global capabilities of Pace students and faculty from psychology and related fields by providing high-quality academic and professional experiences.


  • Provide a platform for faculty, staff, and students both within Pace and beyond to engage in scholarly exchange and collaboration in psychology and related fields on the global stage.
  • Promote cross-cultural, cross-institutional, and cross-disciplinary scholarship through developing partnerships with other institutions; sponsorship and co-sponsorship of academic activities including workshops, symposia, conferences, and training seminars.
  • Strengthen global psychology curriculum and educational experience by offering courses with a global psychology perspective.
  • Work with partner institutions, the Center facilitates development and coordination of travel-courses, studying abroad programs, joint-degree programs, local and international internships, as well as visiting scholar program.
  • Sponsor research and publications that contribute to the knowledge of global psychology.

Planned Programs

  • Facilitates a. members’ (faculty and students) application for research and training grants b. seeks for international collaborations, and c. provides cultural consultants and translation services when necessary in grant application and research.
  • Supports publications (such as a quarterly newsletter, conference proceedings, special issues, and books as resulting from activities at the center).
  • Holds workshops/seminars and provides various training programs to both local and international participants.
  • Sponsors international conferences, colloquia, seminars, panel discussions, and training workshops by renowned scholars.
  • Facilitates and coordinates international travel courses.
  • Helps strengthen psychology undergraduate and graduate curricula through interdisciplinary collaborations, courses, and international travel opportunities.
  • Facilitates the development and coordination of various study-abroad programs for students globally.
  • Helps to establish an international faculty network to help students from both Pace and other institutions (local and global) identify mentors.
  • Hosts visiting scholars globally to engage in research and exchange programs in psychology and related areas.

Executive Committee

  • Weihua Niu (Director)
  • Florence Denmark
  • Sonia Suchday
  • Richard Velayo

Advisory Committee

  • Barbara Mowder
  • Mark Sossin
  • Sonia Suchday
  • Richard Velayo
  • Anastasia Yasik
  • Michele Zaccario


  • Prerna Arora
  • Baptiste Barbot
  • June Chisholm
  • Florence Denmark
  • Sally Dickerson
  • Christopher Godfrey
  • Thalia Goldstein
  • Beth Hart
  • James McCarthy
  • Barbara Mowder
  • Mercedes McCormick
  • Nils Myszkowski
  • Weihua Niu
  • Yvonne Rafferty
  • Lisa Rosenthal
  • Mark Sossin
  • John Stokes
  • Sonia Suchday
  • Leora Trub
  • Richard Velayo
  • Anastasia Yasik
  • Michele Zaccario