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Management and Management Science

"Know who was part of history and what was developed before you as you 'stand on the shoulders' of those who pioneered and developed what you are learning/experiencing now."

Management and Management Science

"I am hopeful that it'll make us more mindful of the way we consume. Instead of placing an order on Wayfair for a couch, why not check out your local market or thrift store?"

Management and Management Science

"Almost everything we eat, use, wear—or their raw materials—have at some point in the process travelled on ships. The maritime industry makes our lifestyle possible."


"I emphasize to students that they have to keep learning and improving their skill sets. The world changes very fast, and even strategies that worked a month ago may no longer be effective."


"Finance is a sophisticated area of investigation that involves the language and culture of finance, the ability to think abstractly and comprehend challenging concepts, and the application of quantitative analytics."

Management and Management Science

“My philosophy, and the way I teach talent management, is that it’s a subset of human resource management that focuses on your most valuable employees.”


If you get the chance to sit in on one of Dr. Kam Chan's accounting classes, you'll find a challenging, but understanding professor who pays great attention to detail and who has deep knowledge of his field.

Management and Management Science

With her students scattered across the globe, Dr. Claudia Green pivoted to find new ways of delivering a robust educational experience.

Management and Management Science

If you've taken a management class with Professor McGuigan, you've probably been impressed by his strong values and his commitment to helping students grow.