Paul Ryan ’86 Named Executive Producer of NBC’s Dateline

Amanda Delfino
January 11, 2024
Pace University's Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board Member and alumnus Paul Ryan ’86

On January 4, 2024, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board Member and alumnus Paul Ryan ’86, Literature and Communications, was named the executive producer for NBC’s long-running news show Dateline. In this role, Ryan will oversee the broadcast, streaming, and podcast entities associated with the brand.

Ryan joined Dateline in 2011, most recently serving as senior producer, overseeing investigations such as the Alex Murdaugh trial and the University of Idaho murders. In his time at Dateline, he has received multiple News & Documentary Emmy Awards and a pair of Edward R. Murrow Awards, a recognition that honors “outstanding achievements in broadcast and digital journalism.”

Aside from Dateline, Ryan has been the senior producer on a number of NBC News specials; the executive producer for the annual Inspiring America special; the co-executive producer for The Widower and Escape and the senior producer for The Last Day, Dateline’s first original show.

Ryan has spoken fondly of his time on Pace’s Westchester campus, where he attended and where his father taught English and journalism. “I joined the school newspaper, which was a pivotal decision in my life, because I’m a journalist now,” he said in a previous interview. “Working very collaboratively and managing people really helped shape my interests.”

And Ryan has continued his close involvement with the Pace community, now as a member of the Dyson Advisory Board. “I realized Pace students are the same as when I went to Pace,” he said. “The students are tough, and they want it more because they’re working for it. That still comes through, so I really respect that and want to help.”