This program has STEM designation and also puts students on track to complete a joint degree in occupational therapy, optometry, podiatry, and pharmacy with a partnered school after completing the BS requirements at Pace.

Biology Meets Liberal Arts

Interested in biology, but not sure if you want to dive headfirst into a career in the sciences? The BA in Biology program is designed for students who want to pursue a non-scientific career that may require a significant background in the biological sciences. It allows you to cultivate a deep knowledge base in biology, and also provides a greater liberal arts background than a bachelor of science degree.

An Understanding of Biology

  • For students seeking a non-scientific career
  • Provides a broader liberal arts background
  • An opportunity to take more elective courses than the traditional BS degree program



You will have the opportunity to conduct independent laboratory research in collaboration with highly respected faculty members, often at a level typically reserved for graduate students, utilizing scientific resources one would expect to find at a large research institution. Students who have previously taken advantage of this opportunity have presented the results of their research work at national and international scientific meetings, have authored papers in scientific journals, and have also been the recipients of international fellowships for continued study in the United States and abroad.


Possible careers that benefit from a BA in Biology degree include science education, scientific journalism, and legal areas such as environmental and patent law.


Many of our graduates command starting salaries of $53,200 or more—on par with graduates from the country’s most selective Ivy League schools.

There are many career paths students can follow with an undergraduate degree in biology. Our students are also well prepared for study at the graduate level. With additional certifications and graduate degrees, students may also become scientists, medical doctors, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, physical therapists, optometrists, dentists, veterinarians, and teachers.

This BA in Biology is designed for students seeking a non-scientific career, including:

  • Entry-level scientific policy work (local, state, or federal agencies)
  • Entry-level pharmaceutical marketing and sales
  • Entry-level science writing and communications for newspapers, websites, magazines, television or radio
  • Entry-level scientific illustrator for publishing companies, newspapers, websites, or magazines