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Economics for Today’s Complex World

Our Economics program will prepare you for today’s ever-changing marketplace as you are challenged to deconstruct the complex issues that face the global economy. Our curriculum is as dynamic as the marketplace itself, meaning you’ll graduate with up-to-date practical knowledge and cutting-edge critical thinking skills.

Unique Opportunities

The Pace University Federal Reserve Team is a unique, competitive opportunity for Dyson College Economics and Business Economics majors, testing your knowledge of the US economy, monetary policymaking, and the role of the Federal Reserve System. Pace University’s team has developed a championship pedigree, winning the national competition five times in eight years.

Success Starts Here

Courtney Koprowicz

Everything from Professor Bollon’s teaching to the curriculum presented me with academic challenges I’ve never been exposed to before, and I felt inspired, motivated, and ready to learn. In other courses, both Professors Bollon and Weinstock centered the study of economics around societal-based issues, and I started to ask “how can I resolve this?” I found my voice in their classes, and they helped me find my calling. At Pace, I can channel my passion where it thrives: learning and creating ways to change the economy for the better.

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