Group of Pace University economics students on the Federal Reserve Challenge Team holding trophy


Federal Reserve Challenge

Our department hosts a Federal Reserve Challenge Team, which competes in the Federal Reserve College Challenge each year. The competition, which has regional and national rounds, prompts teams to analyze current economic trends and present suggestions to the Federal Reserve, giving our students real-life experience with current national and international challenges, problem-solving, analyzing and presenting data, and working with professionals in the field of economics.


national titles (most of any school)

16 of 23

Pace Fed Challenge national winners are women


national title winners from Pace landed jobs with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York after graduation

In the national round of the Federal Reserve College Challenge, teams must deliver a 15-minute presentation before engaging in a Q and A session with members of the Federal Reserve, when team members must defend and support their suggestions.

Being involved with our Pace Federal Reserve Challenge Team has its advantages. Many team members have landed high-powered jobs and launched successful careers in economics and its related fields with well-known companies like Federal Reserve Bank of New York, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, New York Life, and ESPN.

Being part of Pace’s Federal Reserve Challenge Team was the most challenging, rewarding, and enriching experience I have ever had!

—Kate Fong ‘23
Analyst, JP Morgan Chase

Federal Reserve Challenge Contact

Associate Professor
Department Chairperson
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Fiscal Challenge

This team gives students the opportunity to compete with other schools and test their knowledge of fiscal policy, the US economy, and the role of the federal government in smoothing business cycles.

Group of Pace University economics students on the Fiscal Challenge Team standing in front of the Washington Monument

Why the need for a Fiscal Challenge?

A proper understanding of fiscal policy will help our students grow as scholars, become more informed citizens, and possibly become policymakers themselves. The Fiscal Challenge hosts an annual competition wherein teams of students from around the country devise and defend their own plans for putting (or keeping) the U.S. on a sustainable fiscal path.

The requirements for competing in the Fiscal Challenge are:

  • Form a team with your classmates
  • Work during the semester to write a detailed plan to achieve the policy goal for the competition
  • Send the plan to our review board
  • Finalists are selected
  • Present and defend your plan in front of the expert policy analysts from top think tanks

We used [the competition] as an opportunity for a deeper bonding experience and a chance to see how fiscal policy can not only help the United States remain on a sustainable fiscal path, but help the most vulnerable among us.

—Brooke Jefferds ’20

Fiscal Challenge Contact

Clinical Associate Professor
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences