Through our projects and research, the true purpose of the GIS lab comes to life – to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between disparate departments and to enable our students to undertake meaningful work that contributes to real world situations.

We invite entities from the corporate and academic markets to contact us to discuss how GIS research can supplement and even transform decision-making based on demographic and other sets of data.

The GIS lab can provide full licensing to ESRI ArcGIS tools as well as guidance on using the Open Source resources (e.g. QGIS).

The GIS Lab is interested in projects across all disciplines (e.g. business, social science, health sciences and traditional sciences). For external organizations wishing to collaborate or take advantages of our resources, please contact Dan Farkas.

Research is interdisciplinary – depending on the individual or group requesting the research and what questions they need answered, students will learn about a variety of fields through the lens of GIS, bringing seemingly disparate areas together.