Software and Licenses

ESRI ArcGIS Platform

The GIS Lab manages a license package of ArcGIS Platform software:

  • ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro)
  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Mobile App Development (Survey123, GeoForms, Story Maps)
  • The Business Analyst Online
  • Community Analyst online

Faculty can request licenses and support for research and student projects.

Open Source Environments

The lab supports QGIS, an open source development environment. Software and documentation can be downloaded from the QGIS Website.

Educational Resources

ESRI ArcGIS Platform

Most ESRI web-based Training resources are available to members of the Pace Community and GISLab participants. For access information and suggested training courses, contact the GIS Lab (Dan Farkas –

ESRI Introductory “MOOCs” – comprehensive 4-6 week online courses on a variety of GIS topics are available to the public free of charge

  • Location Analytics
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Imagery and Remote Sensing
  • Cartography

Open Source (QGIS)

View a comprehensive tutorial.