Group of students collaborating, working on their computers.

About the Lab

The Pace Mobile Lab is dedicated to all things mobile. Whether it’s the handheld computer you carry in your pocket, the watch that tracks your steps, or your collection of smart home appliances, there is a lot to learn and create in this exciting industry.

In the lab, student developers and researchers have worked on amazing projects, such the creation of a physical space that seamlessly integrates digital components to improve digital literacy in developing countries. Many of the other projects of the lab involve civic engagement, using mobile to help improve the lives of others, and cutting-edge technologies—like Lilypad Arduino, beacons, and Fitbit.

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile technology, there are several ways to get involved. The lab has regular meetings where the community gets together to discuss projects and ideas. The Seidenberg School offers several classes that focus on mobile and, each semester, director Christelle Scharff, PhD, gives mobile programming crash courses that offer a good foundation in Java for Android and Swift for iOS.

The lab is also ideal to get help developing your own designs. Many remarkable ideas came to fruition in a variety of apps and programs through the support and learning environment provided by fellow students in the lab. If you want to grow your mobile app development skills, there’s no better place to get hands-on experience.