Voting poster event held by Center for Community Action and Research

The Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) supports the University’s commitment to educating for active community participation and social responsibility:

  • Belonging: we nurture and cultivates a network of individuals who value community and civic engagement.
  • Learning by Doing: we provide opportunities that allow individuals to engage

in civic and community engagement.

  • Mutual Respect: we value the knowledge, experiences. and leadership of our collaborators to forge reciprocal partnerships that serve community-identified needs and provide access to civic engagement opportunities.
  • Continuous Improvement: we're committed to assessment, critical reflection, and growth of our ideas, opportunities, collaborations, and programs.
  • Visibility and Recognition: CCAR recognizes and supports engagement and leadership in the area of civic engagement.
  • Power of Diversity: we recognize the importance examining civic engagement through diverse of perspectives, experiences, and voices.
  • Leading by Example: CCAR advocates for the resources and infrastructure needed to foster a commitment to civic engagement at Pace

End of Year Reports