students sitting on wall of legislative building

Research Projects

Through the Animal Policy Project, students are able to satisfy theses and capstones at the undergraduate and graduate level by researching animal advocacy issues. Below are examples of previous student research projects.

Topic: Assessment of state policies for flow device installation in beaver dams to reduce lethal management measures

  • Claire Seckinger Blaskiewicz '22, MS in Environmental Science and Policy; Humane Beaver Dam Flooding Management: Comparative Analysis of Flow Device Installation Policies in 5 States

Topic: Prohibition on importation and sale of reptiles and amphibians for the pet trade

  • Julia Corrado '23, MA in Environmental Policy; Honors College Thesis, Ethical and Ecological Concerns of Herpetological Species in the Pet Trade: Addressing New York State’s Role

Topic: Prohibition of wildlife killing contests in New York State

  • Tyler Caffrey '20, BA in Environmental Studies; Honors College Thesis, Hunting Contests in New York State: A Policy Analysis

Topic: Federal administrative reorganization to establish a new comprehensive animal welfare oversight agency

  • Alexxis Granger '19, MA in Environmental Policy; Fox in the Henhouse: Time for a New Guard, Animal Protection, Federal Enforcement and the Justification for a New Office of Animal Welfare

Topic: Assessment of wildlife management plans to promote coexistence with coyotes and resolve human-coyote conflict

  • Chantal Detlefs '20, MS in Environmental Science; Municipal Coyote Management Plans: How Effective are Education, Yard Audits, Hazing and Behavior Response Plans in Reducing Human-Coyote Conflicts?