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Academics and Research

With a long standing record of innovative environmental programs and focus on experiential learning, Pace University provides the unique opportunity to tackle real-world problems to build a more sustainable future. Whether you are interested in a career in sustainability or want to spend some time during your college career exploring these issues, we have programs and courses to suit your interests.

Faculty and Student Research

Student-faculty research is a benchmark of the Pace University experience with knowledgeable scholars helping students bridge between the concepts learned in the classroom and their real-world applications.

Environmental Studies and Science Department

Faculty in the Environmental Studies and Science Department have research interests in areas such as sustainability, conservation, climate change, environmental law, and ecology. Students work with highly respected faculty members on collaborative research projects, often in partnership with local institutions such as museums, government, nonprofits and nature preserves. Learn more about their research and how students and community partners are involved in these projects.

Institutes and Centers

Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment

The mission of the Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment (DCISE) is to bring together faculty, students and programs throughout the University that involve the environment and sustainability issues. DCISE functions as a dynamic academic center and resource for the Pace community and also engages members of the external community who are concerned about environmental issues.

Dyson College Environmental Center

A resource for the overall university community, and the general public, the Environmental Center’s primary objective is to promote general education and awareness around environmental and sustainability issues, including those connected to wildlife and livestock.

Global Center for Environmental Legal Studies

The Global Center for Environmental Legal Studies (GCELS) is the international and comparative arm of the Haub Environmental Law Program. GCELS anchors innovative and ongoing projects to develop necessary laws to address the world’s most pressing global environmental issues.

Pace Energy and Climate Center

For over 25 years, the Pace Energy and Climate Center has been a leader working at the intersection of energy and the environment. The Center engages government decision makers and key stakeholders with robust research and analysis in law and policy.

Other Resources

Student ReCoNet Fund

Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment has a limited pool of funding to support student research, conference attendance, networking or other scholarly opportunities that support the students’ research or career goals. Priority will be given to students who are presenting or have a substantive role in a meeting or conference. Faculty funding may also be available.

Pace Environmental Lab

Pace faculty and students have access to the Environmental Lab located in the Dyson College Nature Center on the Pleasantville campus for the use of equipment such as GIS software, GPS units, camera traps, and water testing equipment.

Environmental Studies and Science Blog

Follow the blog for and about the Department of Environmental Studies and Science.

Community Partners

The Environmental Studies and Science department serves as an environmental citizen in its communities of New York City and Westchester County. Working with community partners, we create new projects and opportunities.