Pace University Pleasantville, Campus Farm Barn

The Dyson College Environmental Center is a focal point on Pace University’s Pleasantville campus and serves as a component of the Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment (DCISE) and resource for the overall university community, and the general public.

We aim to foster a thriving Environmental Center fueled by the diverse efforts of the community and student body of Pace University by:

  • Promoting general education and awareness around environmental and sustainability issues,
  • Providing students of all ages with the opportunities and resources necessary to gain awareness of the environment and the myriad of issues that affect ecology and wildlife,
  • Acting as a vital support component for academic departments and programs including the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Department of Biology, and the School of Education,
  • Supporting academic research, as well as education programming for the campus and local community.

The Environmental Center provides the Pace community, and the people of Westchester and the Hudson Valley region, access to a myriad of natural and cultivated resources like trails, horticultural land, ponds and streams. It also strongly supports Pace University’s environmental club on the Pleasantville campus, Natural Activists Teaching an Understanding and Respect for the Environment (NATURE).

Features and Facilities in Pleasantville

The Environmental Center encompasses a variety of natural resources on the Pleasantville campus, including hiking trails, meadows, wetlands, streams, gardens, animal enclosures, and a pond, which makes it a natural base for students undertaking field study. Hover over each image to learn more.

Below classrooms and conference rooms can be reserved via Special Events.

Intellectual Resources

Faculty expertise

Expertise in topics including plant ecology, wildlife, ecosystems, water quality, climate change, environmental justice, environmental policy, sustainability, sustainable agriculture, geographic information systems (GIS), and statistics.

External Partners

Connections to and collaborations with myriad environmental organizations throughout the Hudson Valley and NY metropolitan areas. These relationships can provide opportunities for course projects, research, community service, and internships.

Education and Research Programs

The Environmental Center serves as a vital support component for academic departments and programs throughout the university, giving students unique opportunities for research and learning.

Visitor Information

The Environmental Center is located at 861 Bedford Road in Pleasantville, NY. The center is open to Pace University students, faculty and staff, Pace alumni, and the local community.

View a Pleasantville Campus map of the environmental center.

Environmental Center Staff

Michael Finewood, PhD
Chair of Environmental Studies and Science department

Michelle D. Land, JD
Director of Academics and Programs

Samantha Miller
Program Manager

Michael Rubbo, PhD
Director of Research and Community Engagement

Angelo Spillo
Director of Operations and Co-Curricular Enrichment