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They Reached Higher

Mackenzie had never coded when she came to Pace. Now she’s a software developer at Microsoft. See how she got there.

As Hillary Clinton’s executive assistant, Opal is living the dream she started building at Pace: She’s making an impact.

Experience gives Pace nursing students a leg up. Just ask Henry. In two years, he worked in four clinical settings.

Start a global fashion brand—as a freshman. Greg did exactly that. Now his brand is in 50 states and 40+ countries.

Kyle Igarta

It Takes Two to Tango

At Pace, Kyle Igarta ’21 discovered a path that embraced his background in competitive dance and his interest in business. As an arts and entertainment management and business analytics double major, Kyle has a foot in both worlds, with internships spanning Broadway to Wall Street.

Research at Work

Tatyana’s work on the Gotham Coyote Project with Professor Toomey examines how Coyotes⁠ are perceived in her own neighborhood—The⁠ Bronx. She hopes the work they’re doing will make⁠ residents aware that even though they’re in an⁠ urban environment, they’re still in a shared habitat⁠ with wildlife. When she’s not studying Coyotes?⁠ Reading, interning with EPA, Animal Crossing, and⁠ volunteering for the census.

Coyote at a park.

What's Next?

We get it. Picking the right school isn't easy. Here are three ways to get closer to a decision.