A Program Geared to Your Goals

The Pace Path starts with a personalized academic program that gives you a head start. No matter your major, your career goal, or your graduate study plan, your Pace education will prepare you to meet your future.

A Personalized Program

Your advisor will help you plan your academics around your goals. You might add a minor, or build a pre-med program. The options are as big as your dreams.

School of Education students learning with the help of an avatar.

Industry-Friendly Courses

Pace professors are active in their industry. They know where it's headed and what employers are looking for. Their insider knowledge helps shape Pace's innovative courses.

Students studying in a classroom setting.

Small Classes

You'll get to know your professors well, because we keep Pace classes small. Our faculty want to know your story, understand your goals, and be a partner in your education.

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Hands-on Learning

You'll learn as much outside the classroom as inside. Simulation labs, VR classrooms, Bloomberg Terminals—you'll put theory into practice in Pace's state-of-the-art facilities.

Prepare for a Career in Healthcare

Skilled faculty give you the knowledge you need and share the wisdom of their experiences. Plus, hands on learning prepares you for the rigors of an in-demand role in a health care setting.

At Pace, you’ll develop clinical skills early on by working in a simulated clinical setting and shadowing experienced healthcare professionals in a range of specialized roles.

Check out the College of Health Professions

Study for a Future in the Arts or Sciences

Critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills are in demand today—and they'll be critical in the future as employers look to humans to do what machines can't. The liberal arts curriculum at Pace gives you those skills. You also get a practical education that transforms passive learning into purposeful action.

Students on a boat conducting research.
Students work hand-in-hand with renowned faculty in our state-of-the-art Dyson Hall of Science laboratories or conduct research in the field, nationally or internationally.

Check out the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Get Ready for a Career in Business

The professional training in business you get at Pace is finely tuned to your specific academic and career goals—however unique they are. From the courses you take, to the professional experiences you add to your resume and the network you build, it's all about you and your future. One highlight: The Center for Student Enterprise, where you work with fellow students and great professors to create and operate student-run businesses on campus.

Check out the Lubin School of Business

Get Ready for a Career in Tech

Learn to be a problem-solving leader with excellent STEM skills and creative flair—the type of person an employer in pretty much any field is looking for, and a prime candidate for a great role in the tech industry. Mentored research, hackathons, practical data defense, corporate software training seminars, and app and game development are integrated into the curriculum. You might even participate in the Global Design Factory Network program in Helsinki, Finland.

Coding a Winning App

Brittany Benjamin ’22 was among the coders who won a top prize at Pace’s first-ever Sunflower Hack event, competing against 50 others for more than 12 hours. The idea behind her big win? An app called Cultivate, which would help to promote productivity.

Vice President of Pace’s community for queer folks in STEM, qSTEM, Jack Bonnelycke ’21 also works as a software developer for Seidenberg Creative Labs, the University’s student-run mobile and web development agency.

Learn to Be an Educator

As a Pace education student you'll start your classroom field work almost a year earlier than students at other schools. Even before that, you'll practice in a special lab with a class of VR-enabled "students." And because the best educators today are culturally competent, you’ve got the option to take faculty-led courses abroad. Hands-on learning and close advisement mean that by the time you graduate, you'll be the type of globally minded, experienced, and committed teacher our schools need.

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